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Negative Yes/No Questions

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1 Negative Yes/No Questions

2 Negative Yes/No Questions
With ‘Be’ as the main verb e.g1. Aren’t you from Qatar? Meaning? ‘checking information’ Answers: Yes, I am. No, I’ m not. e.g2. Isn’t that nice? Meaning? ‘comment on a situation’ B. With Auxiliary verbs ( except ‘do’) e.g. Hasn’t she been here before? e.g. Can’t you swim?

3 Negative Yes/No Questions
C. With ‘Do’ e.g.1 Don’t you like the weather here? e.g.2 Didn’t you tell me that you had bought a new USB?

4 Tag Questions Form e.g.1 You’re not from Qatar, are you?
e.g.2 You are from Qatar, aren’t you? e.g.3 You work on Fridays, don’t you? e.g.4 You don’t work on Fridays, do you? B. Meaning e.g.1 It’s getting warmer, isn’t it? Meaning: To check information you believe is correct e.g. 2 You’re not moving, are you?

5 Tag Questions Meaning - You want to confirm your information because you’re not sure.

6 Exercises A. Give the right tag question.
You’ve seen that movie already, …………….? We’re leaving soon, ………………….? They don’t live in Doha ……………….? B. Choose the right word. You ……….. here a long time, didn’t you ( moved, were) There …….. a supermarket nearby, isn’t there? ( is, was ) 3. I’m not sure. You ……………….. a map, could you? ( couldn’t draw, could draw, can draw) haven’t you aren’t we do they moved is couldn’t draw

7 Exercises Find the error in each of the following.
You haven’t seen Bob since yesterday, did you? This is a nice town, isn’t this It rains a lot here, isn’t it? Sarah couldn’t use a computer this well last year, have she? He knows where we live, does he know?

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