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Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. DTS II Digital Language Training System.

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1 Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. DTS II Digital Language Training System

2 DTS II- Digital Language Training System with embedded system and 32 bit DSP processor , makes language learning more efficient and improves audio quality to facilitate teaching and learning. DTS II is with powerful self-study function through which students can choose courses randomly to play and follow. Students also can do on-line test and adjust the playing speed with the same tone. With the real-time recording function, students can record the text into wav files, managing and restoring, or at student’s USB drive. It is definitely a powerful tool used in schools of different levels. Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. DTSII Introduction

3 System Features Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.   Non-PC structure that student can directly learn by DTS2 unit.   Transmit audio via DSP 32 bit processor to optimize audio quality without delay.   To play /forward/rewind/pause /A-B track replay audio or text such as MP3, file (*.txt format),   Student can adjust the audio speed with the same tone. Easy to learn 。   Paperless exams for reading/ writing/ listening/ speaking exam and auto scoring tool to analyze exam result.   Recording the text/self oral practice into WAV files, managing and restoring at students’ USB drive.   User-friendly interface

4 Functions   Audio tone adjustment   Sentence practice   E-board online message   Teaching material editor   Student self-study   Exam editor & analyzer   Class management   IP phone calling   Audio broadcast teaching   Student demonstration   Dialogue/Chat   Monitor   Live recording   Simultaneous interpretation   Dictation   Group discussion   MP3 playing/repeating   Quiz mode   Multiple channel listening

5 Component FunctionModel No.Description Audio MasterDTS2-308Audio master for teacher to control all functions. Cassette Recorder DTS2-R01Digital cassette for teacher to control the recording Student UnitDTS2-101For student to receive and self-study HeadsetTH-951Profession language earphone and microphone Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.

6 Structure

7 Structure with ST

8 Teacher Software Console Student Layout Teacher can edit student layout and show by student name. Source Select Message Board Sending message to all or appointed students. Function Select

9 Audio/Text Broadcasting Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.   5 outer audio inputs. Able to broadcast audio source from PC/NB/DVD/Cassette Recorder.   Broadcast 8 channels of text at the same time.   Transmit text to user’s monitor through E-board   Simultaneous-Interpretation: select certain student to listen audio and interpret it at the same time.   Matrix Switch to project video from VGA/NB/visualize projector/DVD to projector.   Software-console can control cassette recorder.

10 Dialog Function   Demo: select certain student to do the demo.   Group discussion: Appoint 2 or 4 students as a group to practice.   IP phone: students can call each other to practice.   Chat Room: students can choose seminar to do oral practice.   Talk To: teacher can instruct selected student, without disturbing the other students. Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.

11 Student Self-Study   Students can choose text and any practice freely.   Reading function: read context via monitor of student unit.   Text-following and A-B track replaying.   Play MP3 text and adjust the speed with the same tone.   Oral Recording Practice function   IP Phone (Student can call other students)   Composition practice: student can write article by P/S2 keyboard. Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.

12 Student management   Establish student data according to department/ teacher/ class/ student.   Load students’ data and layout according to class when begin class.   Open roll call function to list on-line students.   Students can load their ID into language system when begin class. Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.

13 MP3 and Text Material Marker Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. Teacher can edit and bookmark MP3 text for teaching material. When students listen to edited audio, the text will show on the LCD monitor of student unit according to the settle time.

14 Exam Paper Edition Teacher can edit test papers in the console to allow students do the exam/quiz on the students units. Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.

15 Answer Analysis Tool Student answer record All Student Scores Analysis Chart Automatic save student answer after exam finished and analyze exam result.

16 Oral Exam Analyze Tool Teacher can held single or group oral exam. The recorded file will be saved to teacher computer. After exam, teacher can review student recording and score one by one.

17 Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. Installation Non-PC based Training Room

18 Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. Installation DTS2 Combine with ST system (Video Broadcasting)

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