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MCS Media Center Control System Sinew Technology Co., Ltd.

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1 MCS Media Center Control System Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

2 MCS, Media Center control System, integrates multimedia devices and environment control devices into a digital unit controlling by a sensor panel. You can control projector, auto curtain, light, volume, AV devices (DVD, VCR), signal switch function and so on. It is much easier to operate with mode control and programmable editing system. Suitable for conference room, schools, enterprise training, multimedia lab, E-learning lab, home automation. Sinew Technology Co., Ltd Introduction

3 System Structure Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

4 Sensor Panel

5 3 VGA Input 2 PC Audio Input 4 AV Input Monitor Projector VGA / Video / Audio Matrix switch function Amplifier 2 MIC Input Matrix switch Control Panel Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

6 Projector / Screen / Light Control function Control Panel Projector Screen UP Down Power On/Off Turn On/Off Lights Curtain Lights UP Down Lights Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

7 DVD / VCR / TV / Projector IR Control Projector VCR DVD TV 22 IR Keys 4 IR Control Output IR Remove Control Learning Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

8 Class Mode Editor & Total Control One Key Touch Function: Projector on Power Screen goes down Lights turn on Broadcast Video to Projector Programmable editing System Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

9 Specification MCS-310A Central Controller MCS-310A Central Controller AV Signal Spec. AV 4 Composite Video IN (RCA) 2 Composite Video OUT (RCA) VGA Signal Spec. 3 VGA IN 2 VGA OUT AUDIO Signal Spec. 4 AV-Audio IN (RCA) 2 Microphone IN (6.4 Headphone Jack) 2 Audio Line IN (3.5 Phone Jack) 2 Stereo Speaker Out(RCA) Control Signal Spec. 4 RS-232 Output port 1 RS-232 In/Out Port IR Control Spec. 1 IR Input Port 4 IR Output Port I/O Control Spec. 8 Relay Output 8 Relay Input CAT 5 Extender Output Spec. 1 RGB mix HV Output RGB 1 Composite Video Output 1 RS-232 Output Sinew Technology Co., Ltd

10 Installation

11 Installation

12 Installation

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