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Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Language Training System.

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1 Sinew Technology Co., Ltd. Digital Language Training System

2 e-PLUS LAB enables multi-functional applications including language/computer Lab, multimedia classroom, digital teaching, interpretation room, exam centre, self- study sector etc. by installing software on PC-based environment. Language LAB Exam CentreMultimedia Classroom Interpretation Room Listening Drill Area Self-study Sector Application

3 Interface 5. Text Message 2. 24 Channels 1. Main Function Toolbar 6. Player 7. Bookmark Toolbar 3. Student Layout 4. Hotkey Toolbar

4 e-PLUS LAB, powerful and user- friendly language training software, creates a motivated learning environment for core language skills drilling. 17 language interfaces. Broadcast multimedia materials. Distribute 24 channels to different students. Dual track recording for oral practice. Interpretatio n training. Group Discussion. Various exam types. Powerful self-study function. Customize d button layout. Features

5 17 Language Interfaces Indonesia n Italian Japanese Korean Philippine s Portugal Arabic Chines e English French Germa n Russian Spanish Thai Turkish Ukraine Vietnames e

6 24 Channels Achieve individualized teaching by distributing 24 channels to different students according to their levels! 24 channels are open for students to access under self-study mode ! Support multimedia files (audio or video material) input.

7 Interpretation Training Simultaneous Interpretation 1. Appoint 1~12 learners to practice oral interpretation simultaneously. 2. Allow the other students to freely listen and learn. 3. The whole process can be recorded as MP3 files.

8 Multiple Exam Types Exam Types : 1. Title 2. Essay Reading 3. Listening 4. Single/Multiple Choice(s) 5. Judge 6. Gap-filling 7. Translation 8. Writing

9 A/B/C/D Exam Papers Avoid cheating on exam with A/B or A/B/C/D paper.

10 Auto Exam Analysis

11 Self-study VSCP (Various Speed from -50% to+200% and Constant Pitch) 100 Bookmarks SP (Sentence and Pause) /SPS /SSP/ SPSP function A-B Circulation Open Material 1. Self-test 2. Websites 3. Video/audio files 4. 24 multimedia channels Bookmar k menu bar

12 Oral Practice Recording Combine multimedia toolbar here! Students practice speaking under dual-track recording as MP3 files.

13 VOD Files Click to add folders for students to access multimedia files under self-study mode.

14 Customized Button Layout

15 Item Recommended Specification of Teacher PC Recommended Specification of Student PC CPU Intel Core i5 Intel Core i3 MEMORY 2GB or above 1 GB or above HD 500GB (Need to Install with Database) 250 GB AUDIO 16-Bit Audio Card LAN 100/1000 Mbps OS Windows XP/ 7 / 8

16 Universities and Colleges R.O.C. Air Force Academy/ Institute Senior High Schools Elementary Schools The Language Training and Testing Center (LTTC) Education Department of New Taipei City Government

17 National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

18 National Tsing Hua University National Chengchi University National Dong Hwa University Meilun Campus National Dong Hwa University

19 e-PLUS LAB is the appointed solution to correct English pronunciation for New Taipei City elementary schools.

20 e-PLUS LAB training at Future-Heir Bilingual Elementary School

21 TEL : +886-4-2260-9877 TEL : +886-4-2260-7737 E-MAIL : No.9, Ln. 31, Sec. 2, Daqing St., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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