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Office 2010 Software Applications in Office 2010 & Files.

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1 Office 2010 Software Applications in Office 2010 & Files

2 Software Applications Spreadsheet (Excel)-organizes data and makes calculations Word Processor (Word)-write, edit and format text Presentation Application(PowerPoint)- Electronic Presentation with Graphics, video clips or sound Audio Editing Application-edit, record, play audio files Examples: podcasts, MP3 editors

3 Excel Cells Must type text in one cell and numerical data in another Auto format Column Width to see all text Numerical data will not create a chart if text is included

4 Common Formulas Use the formulas tab on Ribbon Sum Average Min. Max

5 Selecting Data Multiple data that is not connected hold down the Ctrl button and drag the mouse. This will allow you to tie in the titles with the numerical data

6 Charts Charts use numerical data collected in a spreadsheet Multiple charts can be made from 1 spreadsheet Must have data highlighted to insert in a chart Pie Charts-parts to a whole Line Charts-show progress over time Bar Charts-compare sets of quantities

7 Word Word is used most often to create: Letters Memos Labels Envelopes Templates

8 PowerPoint Electronic media presentation Home Tab New slide Change Layout Reset

9 Views Slide Show Reading View Slide Sorter Normal View

10 Slides Previous Slide Next Slide

11 PowerPoint Design Theme-allows you to change the background Right Click-to apply to one or all slides Customize Colors Fonts Effects

12 PowerPoint Transitions-moving to a new slide Sound Duration (time) Apply to All

13 PowerPoint Animation-how your text enters the screen Timer less is best Limit number of animations Avoid clicking mouse several times

14 Audio Editing Software Publishing a Podcast Plan content of podcast Set up recording software Record Edit and Save Publish podcast Most Commonly used is Audacity

15 File Extensions File extension-an extension to a name of a file that helps identify the file in operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office Extensions Word-.docx Excel-.xls PowerPoint-.ppt Mp3 extension-MPEG audio stream, compressed audio files generally used to record audio tracks and store them in a decent sized file available for playback..mp3 jpeg or.jpg extension-Graphic commonly used on the Internet and capable of being opened by most modern image editors.jpg

16 Communications Discussion Board or Message Board -A listing of messages and discussions in a central location stored on web pages Blog -A weblog or blog, is a listing of text, images, or other objects that are arranged in a chronological order that first started appearing in 1998. Podcasts -an audio broadcast that is often listened to on a computer or downloaded to a MP3 player such as an iPod Wiki -open editing database allowing any user to add and update information, and create new pages Chat Room -text-based communication that is live or in real-time. You can talk to the person and they can receive the message and respond in a matter of seconds. Simulation -In general, refers to a computerized imitation of a real object or real action

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