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DBS Multimedia Interactive A/V Language Learning System.

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1 DBS Multimedia Interactive A/V Language Learning System

2 Introduction DBS, a perfect solution for multimedia language lab based on its grand interaction and superior performance. The main feature is multi-directional Video/Audio/MIC broadcasting that teacher can freely send teaching material, dialogue with students, guide student mouse/keyboard for flexible teaching. It not only includes practical teaching functions such as dialogue, demonstration, group discussion and so on, but also featured by elegant voice quality and real-time signal transmission. Furthermore, pure hardware structure make DBS compatible with any computer brand or OS. With DBS, a vivid teaching and efficient learning environment can be easily accomplished to both PC-based classroom and non-PC training room.

3 Features Multi-direction Broadcasting Support 3-direction video/audio/microphone transmission (teacher to student, student to teacher, and student to student). Multimedia Integration Integrate teacher devices (PC/NB/DVD/Digital Camera etc) and switch the source by control panel. Interactive Teaching & Learning Enhance interaction between teacher and students with practical functions like Dialogue/Student Demo/Group Discussion/Keyboard & Mouse Control etc. Real-time Broadcasting Signal transmission without delay to reach elegant voice quality and smooth HD video playing. Flexible Application Able to apply to both of PC-Based and Non-PC classroom. Simple Operation All functions are executed by control panel with simple function keys. Superb Compatibility Pure hardware structure to support any kind of computer brands or systems.

4 Components Teacher PanelTeacher ConsoleBooster DM-400DDM-3162D-A5SBT-2088A Operation Panel to execute all DBS functions. Connect to teacher PC/NB.Connect to student unit and support up to 80 students. Student UnitAV ConverterKeyboard/Mouse Control SB-1082A-A5SDM-316BV(option)BSNT (option) One unit support 2 student PC.Able to connect 2 VGA (PC/NB) and 4 A/V devices such as DVD/DVR/Digital Camera etc. Teacher can control students mouse and keyboard and vise versa.

5 Structure

6 Panel Layout

7 Functions Broadcast Broadcast either teacher or students audio, video and microphone to all or selected students. Student Demonstration Assign student to broadcast audio/video signal to others. Observe Teacher can monitor students PC rotationally or respectively. Darken Teacher can darken all or selected screens of students PC. Help If the students need aid, they can push help button for teachers help. Dialog With headsets and among any function executed, all/the selected students can dialog with each other. Group Discussion Group self practice and discuss. Assign a leader to demonstrate. AV Broadcast Broadcast 4 AV signals to all students by combining AVC Converter Remote Control Control selected students keyboard and mouse. Center Monitor Teacher can broadcast his/her screen on the center monitor in order to comply with teaching method.

8 1. Broadcast (Video/Audio/Mic.) Teachers PC Student PC4 Student PC1 Student PC3 Student PC2 2. Student Demonstration Student PC4Student PC3Student PC2Student PC1Teachers PC 3. Observe Student PC4 Teachers PCStudent PC1Student PC2Student PC3 Functions I

9 Functions II 4. Dialog Teachers PCStudent PC1Student PC2Student PC3Student PC4 Teacher can freely join the conversation during student dialog. 9 10 11 12 Teachers PC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Group AGroup BGroup C No.1 PC broadcast to Group A No.8 PC broadcast to Group B Dialog practice 5. Group

10 Functions III Teachers PCStudent PC1Student PC2Student PC3Student PC4 6. Darken 7. Center Monitor 8. Remote Control (3 way) Teachers PC Need to purchase an extra monitor for every 2 students Center Monitor Student PC2 Student PC1 Teachers PCStudent PC1Student PC3Student PC2 Keyboard/mouse control: 1. Teacher to student 2. Student to teacher 3. Student to student

11 Installation Language Laboratory/Computer Laboratory/Multimedia Classroom University/College/Senior High School/Junior High School/Elementary School/Adult Education/Training Center…

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