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VP-SRS PRO Live Stream Broadcasting and Recording System.

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1 VP-SRS PRO Live Stream Broadcasting and Recording System

2 Live Broadcasting System Introduction SRS-PRO is a high-definition AUDIO / VIDEO recording and live broadcasting system for users to convert input signals into digital Video file format and easily save files. The remote side can instantly watch online live video and remote control through the Internet. The system is certainly applicable to enterprise training / distant teaching / video conference / live surgery / so on.

3 Multi-channel Input Signals for Recording and Live Broadcasting Real-time record / save input signals and simultaneously live broadcast for remote side to watch live video through the Internet Support Recording Format Record the input signals with high image quality file format such as FLV / MP4 / TS (H.264 encoding system) Features Support Input Source Interface Optional to purchase capture card for supporting AV inputs such as DVI / VGA / HDMI / YPBPR / Remote Control Function Remote control SRS-PRO software through the Internet anytime and anywhere NB SRS-PRO Server Remote control

4 Screen Recording and Live broadcasting Available for directly capture PC screen for saving and live broadcasting without capture card AV Files Live Broadcasting Available for directly uploading AV files for remote side to watch live shows online such as AVI / TS / MP4 / MPEG1,2,4 / WMV / etc. Multi-channel/ Multi-output Recording and Live Broadcasting Each channel can support 5 different output formats for recording and live broadcasting and applicable to various devices such as cell phone/ tablet/ NB for online watching. Capture PC screen Recording and Live broadcasting Live Streaming AV files

5 PTZ Camera Control Support Pelco_D / Pelco_P / VISCA control protocol to easily control speed dome camera through the interface Task Schedule Function Freely and easily to set schedule for automatically recording / live broadcasting Live Streaming Platform Support various OS (Operating System) for real-time watch such as Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Android/ iOS

6 Audio & Video Special Effects Available for adding subtitles / logo and a variety of AV special effects according to users different needs Subtitle(Static/Scrolling) Logo Distribution Video Effect Audio Effect

7 Structure

8 In the classrooms, teacher can real-time play the course and interactive status with students to remote locations and record it at the same time.

9 To live broadcast ball game immediately to the world audience

10 Medical Surgery and seminar can be live broadcasted and recorded to research classroom to be analyzed and discussed by SRS-PRO.

11 Freely using without the limited time & environment!

12 Real-time record/ broadcast for benefiting more people!

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