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IDC Student Exchange Program: Pre-Departure Orientation 2013-2014.

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1 IDC Student Exchange Program: Pre-Departure Orientation 2013-2014

2 (1) Academics abroad / Learning Agreement (2) Financial planning (3) Health and safety preparedness (4) Culture Shock “One’s destination is never just a place, but a new way of seeing things” - Henry Miller

3  Determine which courses you will need to fulfill your degree requirements  Have your academic advisor approve course specifics to your major  Make sure to have everything done BEFORE you go  Keep in mind that there may be changes once you arrive  We also need the names of the lecturers! Often times they do not appear on the transcript

4  Tuition payments at partner institutions is waived for IDC exchange students  All tuition payments are made to the IDC. Make Sure everything is paid before you go!  Students are responsible for:  Flight  medical & travel insurance  Visa – check regulations!  Housing  Personal Travel  Books  All other misc. costs (i.e., “Study Abroad Fee” or “Orientation Fee”) while abroad

5  Budget how much you will spend weekly/monthly. Take into account that you will want to include personal expenses for travelling / going out  Do not count on working while abroad  Get your ISIC / Erasmus Student CardISIC Erasmus Student Card

6  Some Universities will require you to enroll in their health insurance plan. (Some are more expensive than others)  Check what is covered, and what is not!  Plan for prescriptions  RRIS Students: Keep in mind that ‘Harel’ does not cover pre-existing conditions if you cancel your insurance while abroad “Love all, trust few, do wrong to none.” - Shakespeare

7  Learn about local customs and regulations. Be prepared that culture shock happens to everyone.  Expect that teaching and learning styles will be different.  Remember that you are subject to your host university’s laws and are not protected by Israeli / IDC Law  Try not to get caught in the ‘exchange student’ bubble  Looking-Like-an-American-Tourist Looking-Like-an-American-Tourist Looking-Like-an-American-Tourist

8  Check Visa Regulations!  Visit our website for information & documentswebsite  Housing for Fall semester exchange students  Send us your blogs / photos / videos  Stay safe

9 Study hard, grow your social network, and have fun! Keep in touch!

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