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Magellan Exchange Semester (or Year) Abroad Dr. Christy Office of International Affairs 211 Powers Hall 256-765-5217.

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1 Magellan Exchange Semester (or Year) Abroad Dr. Christy Office of International Affairs 211 Powers Hall 256-765-5217

2 Why Choose Magellan?  You can study 1 or 2 semesters at a partner university abroad for the price of UNA tuition  There will be no disruption of your student loan, scholarships, financial aid, etc.  You can take classes in either English or the host country language that transfer to UNA  You will possibly spend less than at UNA since you will have no car expenses, and will pay no UNA fees other than the technology fee  You will have access to student-discounted public transportation  You will have countless travel and cultural enrichment opportunities

3 Getting There You can apply for a UNA Study Abroad Scholarship which provides $800 you can apply toward your airfare. Fall Semester application deadline is November 1 (Spring Semester deadline is February 15)

4 Room and Board Housing options vary, depending on the university. Expect to pay approximately the same amount you would pay for on-campus housing at UNA. Typical options include:  Dormitory  Living with a host family  Sharing a house or apartment The cost of food is approximately the same as you would pay for a UNA Meal Plan.

5 Classes Abroad Many classes are taught in English. A comprehensive list of classes taught in English at all our Magellan partner universities is available here: udents%20Additional%20Resources.aspx udents%20Additional%20Resources.aspx Language and culture classes, as well as academic classes taught in the language of the host university are also available.

6 Calendar Considerations When planning your semester (or year) abroad, please consult (at the Calendar for each of the universities you’re considering since, in some cases, the fall semester continues into late January or early February. This is the case, for example, with our partner universities in Germany and Spain. If either of these is your destination, you should choose spring

7 Registering for Classes You will register, and pay your tuition, at UNA by signing up for 12 hours of Study Abroad as follows: SA 499 (05) = 5 credit hours of study abroad SA 499 (04) = 4 credit hours of study abroad SA 499 (03) = 3 credit hours of study abroad 5 + 4 + 3 = 12 credit hours Some partners allow you to take more than 12 hours, but 12 is the definition of full time student, required for your visa.

8 Credit for Classes Taken Abroad Before departing you will meet with your advisor in the Major, and with me, to determine possible course equivalencies. This will be recorded on the Study Abroad Academic Pre- Approval form. Since foreign transcripts are typically not available in time to assign grades, you will receive the grade Incomplete for your classes abroad. These Incompletes will be changed to the appropriate letter grade, for the equivalent UNA course, once your transcript has been evaluated.

9 Visa Requirements For most countries, you will need to obtain a visa before departing. To obtain a visa for France you must appear at the French Consulate in Atlanta for your visa interview. For a visa to Spain you must have an FBI background check andgo to the Spanish Consulate in Houston, Texas. No visa is required for Americans to study in Germany. Details of the protocol for obtaining a visa are handled on a case by case, country by country basis. The fee for a visa is typically $100 to $150. For visa requirements check In the course of applying for a visa you will need your letter of acceptance from the host institution as well as a statement (from parents/guardian/bank) guaranteeing your financial support.

10 Application to the Host University Once you have been accepted and placed by the Magellan Exchange, you will be contacted by the host university to fill out their online application form. Upon approval you will receive a Letter of Acceptance that you will need to obtain your visa.

11 Details about Housing Once your application to the host university has been accepted, you will be contacted by their office of international affairs regarding housing options and prices.

12 Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation At this meeting, typically held on a Saturday morning, you and your parents will be informed on all aspects of the study abroad experience, and you will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Practical issues will be discussed such as withdrawing money abroad, plug adaptors, cell phones, how to call home, seeking medical assistance, using public transportation, etc.

13 Medical Release and iNext Insurance Before departure you must have a physical exam, either at the Student Health Center or with your own doctor, and complete and have notarized a Medical Release Form which confirms your fitness to undertake travel abroad. Many Notaries are available on campus, including in the Office of International Affairs, where Ms. Marthaler will assist you. She will also issue your iNext Insurance policy.

14 Questions? Preguntas? Fragen? Wenti? Many questions that come to mind regarding a partner university abroad can best be answered by consulting their webpage at Here you will find information about classes, scheduling, fees, and more.

15 Useful Addresses w_1764.html w_1764.html

16 Thank you! Merci! Gracias! Xie xie! Obrigado! Arigato! Danke!

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