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Pre-Departure Orientation STUDY ABROAD Spring 2010.

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1 Pre-Departure Orientation STUDY ABROAD Spring 2010

2 Topics for Discussion 1.What To Do: Before you go While you’re away After you return 2.Academic Responsibility 3.Packing & Communication 4.Passports & Visas 5.Port of Entry Process 6.Health Issues & Local Laws 7.Money 8.Travel Tips 9.Culture Shock

3 Before you go….. Make sure all your study abroad paperwork is 100% complete. Overseas Course Approval Form Financial Aid Agreement Form Housing Form Medical Forms Health Insurance Proof/Waiver Registration

4 Academic Responsibility Teaching & Grading Styles Class Attendance Electives vs. Pre-Approved Credit Your grades DO count in your GPA (unless you’re on a non-SUNY program) While overseas, you are bound by SUNY Fredonia Standards of Behavior.

5 While You Are Abroad… 1.Email your address and list of overseas course numbers and names to Mary Hills. 2.Make sure you can access Your Connection – if you cannot, ask a parent or friend to be ready to register for you for the semester you return to Fredonia. 3.The IEC will meet with your advisor during advising week and then send you an email with your pin number and registration date and time. 4.Register at your designated (US) time.

6 Packing & Communication Airline Restrictions Avoid Over Packing! Converters/Adaptors Laptops Cell Phones

7 Airport Packing Restrictions

8 Passport & Visa Required Documents Immunizations Do I need a Visa? PHOTOCOPY!! Leave a copy of all important documents with someone at home Parents should also have a passport!

9 Port of Entry Process Know your final destination’s phone number and address Get familiar with Immigration and Custom Process Be prepared for Airport Transfers

10 Health and Local Laws Food & Drug Allergies Prescriptions (medical, contacts or eyeglasses) Review Consular Information Sheet Drinking, Smoking, Driving Laws

11 Money Credit Cards, ATMs, Foreign Transaction Fees Traveler's Checks (not user friendly) Stick to a Budget Carry some cash with you ($ and foreign currency) Working Abroad Notify your credit card companies that you are traveling

12 Travel Tips Register at Local US Embassy Travel Book (Lonely Planet, Let’s Go, Fodor’s) ISIC Cards ($25) Ryan Air (Europe) Eurail/Brit Rail Hostels Keep a Travel Journal/Blog

13 Culture Shock

14 When You Get Back…. Request transcript from U.S. sponsoring school (Non-SUNY programs only) Delay of transcript (Expect to wait several weeks) Have you turned in all your work? Do you have an outstanding bill at home or abroad? Grade change procedure - (X to Final Average Grade) IEC will process grade changes for you. Join the Global Student Ambassadors group on campus Become a fan of SUNY Fredonia Study Abroad on Facebook


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