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Study Abroad!. Center for Global Education ● ●5 Howard Street ●Ashley Trebisacci, Janet.

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1 Study Abroad!

2 Center for Global Education ● ●5 Howard Street ●Ashley Trebisacci, Janet Ray, Lynn Gaylord ●Global Ed Peer Advisors

3 Why Study Abroad? ●A new cultural and social experience ●Improve independence and adaptability ●Perfect time to travel ●Be challenged academically ●It will enrich your remaining time at Wheaton ●Adds to your resumé and graduate school applications

4 Semester Abroad Programs Where do you want to study abroad? ●Choose from dozens of programs & countries ●Language requirements Which semester do you want to go abroad? ●Junior year? Fall or Spring? Can you fulfill any Major or Minor requirements while abroad? ●Meet with your advisor/ department chair How do you get credit for your courses abroad? ●Get courses approved well in advance by respective department chairs ●Take courses OUTSIDE of your major But remember: the cultural experience is just as important as the academic one

5 Faculty-Led Programs ●Winter Programs o Rwanda with President Dennis Hanno o Trinidad and Tobago o South Africa ●Summer Programs o Tanzania o Ireland o Greece

6 Deadlines ●Fo r Oxford and London School of Economics o For Fall end of January/early February o 2nd week of March (usually the Friday before Spring Break) o For Spring 1st week of October

7 Financial: Wheaton Programs -pay Wheaton tuition, room, and board -able to use majority of financial aid (work award is not applicable unless you are eligible for a Stafford Loan) - tuition: $23,060 - room: $3,160 - board: $2,760 - total: $28,980

8 Financial: Non-Wheaton -pay study abroad program sponsor or university directly (cost varies) -$750 administrative fee (semester) or $250 (January/summer) -unlike Wheaton programs, students will be responsible for airfare

9 Financial: Other -consider: -visa, passport, living expenses -all students are required to obtain additional CISI health insurance ($40/mo) -can use merit scholarships and payment plans -be sure all Wheaton bills are paid before departure

10 Start Planning! -Choose a country of interest; -Decide the length of the trip; -Meet a peer mentor and CGE Dean; -Get a passport; -Check if you need a visa; -Prepare for extra costs of travel. -Course requirements -Ask, Ask, Ask!

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