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Study/ Research Abroad

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1 Study/ Research Abroad
Selma Kujundzic International Office Faculty of Science

2 Doing part of your studies abroad
Why go abroad? Financial matters Practical matters What to arrange before departure, upon arrival and after return When to start preparing

3 Why go abroad? New people Different country, different city
Nice climate Different language and culture Different university/ research institute Different style of teaching Cv building (good for your career options) International experience

4 Options for doing research abroad
Erasmus internship programme Only within Europe Private funding 2. Outside of Europe Amsterdam University Fund (AUF)

5 Finance DUO student scholarship (if applicable)
Transport card compensation (via DUO) (€98,79) Erasmus internship scholarship (€220 per month, Europe only) AUF (not together with Erasmus) Funding Book at the Service and Information Centre

6 Practical matters Housing (different per university/ country)
Language (within research groups mostly in English) Insurance Visa/ work permit Vaccinations

7 What to arrange before departure
Passport Visa Work Permit (if applicable) Insurance Vaccinations Housing Internship agreement Approval by the Board of Examiners

8 Arrange upon arrival Different culture Home Sickness
Organisation Food Language Home Sickness Tasting the experience Ambassador for the UvA, your master programme

9 Arrange upon return Registration of the obtained results
Report(s) for scholarships

10 When to start? (1) Orientation About a year in advance via:
Contact person international office International Student Affairs (BIS) ( Study Advisor, Lecturers, Researchers, fellow students Service & Information Centre Internet

11 When to start? (2) Erasmus internship: 2 months before departure via application form on the website Funding: deadlines are often at least 3 months before departure DUO: 2 months before departure

12 Contact Selma Kujundzic Email:
Open office hours: Thursday and (ask for Selma at the ESC Service Desk) Internet:

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