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The International Center: Study Abroad Information.

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1 The International Center: Study Abroad Information

2 Benefits of Study Abroad Besides being fun and exciting, study abroad is a unique life changing experience that will help you grow in 3 important ways: Academically Personally Professionally

3 Academically Experience a different learning environment – New professors – Students from diverse backgrounds – New perspectives Learn a new language – Immersion in a culture where the language is spoken is one of the best ways to learn a new language Allows you to explore a new culture and landscape while completing college credits

4 Personally There are many personal benefits to study abroad. Some of these benefits include: Increase your self-confidence Gain independence and maturity Grow your global network of friends Gain better appreciation of other cultures as well as your own Be prepared to face challenges in the future Learn to creatively solve problems Better understand your personal strengths and weaknesses

5 Professionally Resume enhancement A study abroad experience on your resume will distinguish you from your peers. Through your experiences you will develop qualities employers value, such as: Willingness and readiness to adapt to new environments Ability to look at a project or situation from different perspectives Understanding of diverse cultures Self-confidence and an ability to take risks and show initiative International experience The opportunity to learn from, and network with, people from across the world Experience operating in an international setting Exposure to global issues Cultural competency

6 Eligibility Requirements – 3.0 GPA (flexible) – Be in good judicial standing – Completed 30 college credits (12 at Rowan)

7 Study Abroad Terms Semester Academic Year Summer J-term

8 What Majors can study abroad and when? Mostly all majors can study abroad as long as it is planned accordingly with the students academic advisor. Some majors have more difficulty than others: Engineering; Education; Biology Typically students study abroad their sophomore or junior year.

9 Housing Options Homestay – Students will live with local families. Apartment – Centrally located throughout the city. Students will share these accommodations with other study abroad students. Dorm – Accommodations on campus

10 Application Process The Rowan study abroad application will include: – $250 Administrative Fee – Students must meet with their academic advisor for course approval – A medical exam is required. This can be done at the Health Center on campus or by a family physician. – Submit a one page essay – Submit 2 professional references – Submit an official Rowan transcript to the International Center

11 Study Abroad Partners $200 App deposit Official Transcript Completed 4 page app $95 App Fee Official Transcript 1 academic Reference Essay Passport Photos Course Selection Official Transcript 1 academic reference Essay-Statement of Purpose Advisor Form Passport Photos These study abroad partners (ISA, AIFS & GlobaLinks) have been carefully reviewed and selected by Rowan University. These programs meet the academic standards required by Rowan and uphold a commitment to health and safety. For those reasons, Rowan expects that all students will be able to select a program that meets their academic needs and interests within these organizations.

12 What’s Included Housing Meals (depending on housing option) Tuition Excursions Resident Staff (24/7) Orientation Health Insurance Foreign Transcript Airfare Some meals (depending on housing option) Personal Expenses Books Visa/Passport What’s NOT included

13 Financial Aid & Scholarships 1.Using Financial Aid Students can use their financial aid towards their programs. (Summer students must be enrolled in 6 credits, semester students must be enrolled in 12 credits) Students can use loans too! FA Office will help students with this process. 2.Not using Financial Aid? Pay the Partner Program directly by the payment deadline. 3. Each provider grants scholarships. Be sure that your child is eligible to apply for their specific scholarships

14 Each course is approved by the students academic advisor as part of their Rowan Study Abroad application. The student will bring the advisor a copy of the course syllabus for them to approve. Course/Transcripts: All courses are Pass/Fail and will not affect students GPA Courses will NOT appear on Rowan’s Transcript. (“Semester Abroad” will be indicated on the transcript) Student will receive a foreign transcript with the courses and grades earned. (this can be used for graduate applications etc.) GPA & Credit Transfer

15 Complete Rowan Study Abroad Application Apply to Partner program and submit all required paperwork Get a passport upon acceptance Get a visa if required Pay for program Study Abroad Return and work for the International Center or Partner Program as an intern! Steps for studying abroad

16 Please contact the Study Abroad Office if you have any questions: Laura Kahler Advisor for Education Abroad & Exchange Programs Robinson 117 856-256-4500 x3105

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