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Year 2 Teachers: Room 2 Mrs Leitch Room 4 Mrs McFarland.

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1 Year 2 Teachers: Room 2 Mrs Leitch Room 4 Mrs McFarland

2 Areas of Learning Language and Literacy Maths and Numeracy The World Around Us The Arts (Music/Drama/Art) Personal Development and Mutual Understanding Physical Education Religious Education

3 Cross Curricular skills Communication Using Maths Using ICT

4 Thinking skills and personal capabilities Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision Making Self Management Working with Others Managing Information Being Creative

5 Numeracy in Year Two Areas covered: Number Measures Shape Data – Handling Processes Practical Approach Mental Maths – 5/10 minutes per day Home/school links – homework packs

6 Literacy Talking and listening Phono-graphix – daily sessions Handwriting Reading Writing through modelled, shared and independent writing

7 Play Based Learning Activities cover all curriculum areas Role play/ imaginative Sand and water play Construction ICT Writing table Small world play Art and craft

8 Assessment Teacher Observation Effective Questioning Self Assessment Standardised Tests (May) MIST

9 Homework Monday – Thursday: written or activity based Numeracy and Literacy Shared Reading : Monday Reading: Tuesday – Friday Words and Number facts

10 Preparation for School Try to remember... Show and Tell on a Friday Bottle of water Healthy break or 20p Healthy lunch or £2.40 for dinner Golden Time toy for a Friday Homework bags from Year 1 Named uniform Coat P.E Kit Wet day colouring book

11 Other information Primary Movements daily P.E (1x IFA coach, 1xClass teacher) Outdoor Play (weather permitting 1xweek) Polish assistant on Friday (Term 1:Rm2, Term 2: Rm4) P.E (1x IFA coach, 1xClass teacher) ICT – daily in class and ICT suite once a week Library Circle Time – My Weekend News Show and Tell - Friday Assembly Wednesday - Friday Golden Time – Friday Good Citizen Award

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