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Autumn Curriculum Presentation Year 1 Downe Manor Primary School.

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1 Autumn Curriculum Presentation Year 1 Downe Manor Primary School

2 Staff Class TeachersPPA Staff Miss Carey- 1 Birch Miss Buton Miss Varina- 1 Larch Miss D’Onofrio Teaching Assistants Mrs Totman Mrs McQueen

3 A day at school Break times 1 st Break -10.15-10.30 2 nd Break - 2.05-2.10 Lunchtime 12.00-1.05 PPA cover Every Tuesday morning for both classes. Wednesday afternoons for Larch. Library and ICT days Larch- Every Wednesday after lunch. Birch- Every Wednesday after last playtime. PE Days Birch- Tuesday and Thursday after lunch. Larch- Tuesday and Thursday after last play.

4 Literacy There are 3 parts to Literacy Speaking & Listening Writing Reading In year 1 we look at Stories with familiar settings Poetry- Using the senses Stories from a range of cultures Labels Lists and Captions Instructions Poetry- Patterns and Rhyme Recounts and Dictionaries Traditional and Fairy Tales Traditional Plays Stories about Fantasy Worlds Information Texts Recount Poems on a Theme

5 Guided reading Guided reading gives students the chance to apply the strategies they already know to a new text. Strategies: Sounding out Breaking up words Using pictures cues Reading the rest of the sentence Is it a tricky word? Comprehension and whole group discussion referring directly to the book. 30 minutes once a week

6 There are 7 main areas in Year 1 1.Understanding shape To recognise both 2D and 3D shapes. To be able to make patterns To describe the shapes features.* 2. Measuring Estimate, measure, weigh and compare objects 3.Handling data To record information in the form of lists and tables. To be able to read graphs and charts and be able to answer questions on them. 4.Counting and understanding number 0-20 To read and write number from 0- 20* To know where these numbers go on a number line.* r_line/number_line_0_20/start.htm r_line/number_line_0_20/start.htm Maths

7 5.Knowing and using number facts adding facts for 10 Subtraction facts* To be able to count forwards and backwards to 100 To count in multiples of 2, 5, 10* 6.CalculatingTo use the correct vocabulary to describe addition and subtraction.* To be able to write a number sentence. * 7.Using and applying mathematics Solve problems involving counting and adding, subtracting, doubling and halving. p3 To answer questions by using the proper equipment and sorting information p3

8 Foundation Subjects DT- Fruit salad, Moving pictures and Playground structures. Art- Self portraits, Investigating materials, What is sculpture? ICT- Understanding instructions, Using a word bank. An introduction to modelling. Information around you Representing information graphically. History- Northolt in the Past, Famous people, Victorian Homes. Geography- Our Local Area: Northolt, Barnaby Bear, How to make our local area safer. Science- Ourselves Sound and hearing, Forces Light and dark, Plants materials PSHE- We’re all stars! Be friendly be wise, Living long living strong, Daring to be different, Dear diary, Joining in and joining up.

9 Music- Different sound sources, Controlling pulse and improving singing skills, Long and short sounds and creating a sequence. P.E- Tops Games- Catching and Throwing Tops Games- Ball Skills Athletics Preparing for Sports Day Gymnastics Dance Gymnastics games Athletics Games R.E-Special food, Special Places, Learning from Stories.

10 Homework All homework must be completed in homework books. Numeracy and Literacy will be handed out on a Friday and books are to be returned the following Wednesday. Spellings will be given once a week starting after half-term.

11 Marking

12 General Reminders Please make sure that book bags are in school every day. Water bottles All school clothes and PE kits named (uniform lists are on website) Call office if your child is absent. No holidays in term time

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