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Year 2 Curriculum Evening

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1 Year 2 Curriculum Evening

2 Year 2 Curriculum Evening

3 Similarities and Differences to Year 1
Home readers – 3 times week Words of the week – Monday, Maths homework – fortnightly Library books – weekly (dependent on a parent helper) PE twice a week Book bags in daily Celebration Assembly – Friday Timetabling Cross-curricular learning Monitors – assembly, milk, book, buddies, playleaders Split classes for Literacy and Maths Self assessment – learning steps, maths and literacy targets Greater level of independence

4 Reading Colour bands Expectations and levels
Comprehension – reading skills How we teach reading at school Phonics Guided reading Individual reading Interventions Reading across the curriculum Reading as part of all learning Reading at home

5 Writing Styles of writing How we teach writing at school
Shared writing Guided writing Supported independent writing Writing journals Cross curricular writing Handwriting

6 Maths Mental maths skills Counting in 2’s, 5’s, 10’s Times tables
Doubling – dominoes as visual Halving, up to 20 and beyond with partitioning Number bonds to 10 and 20 Adding 1 digit number to a 2 digit number Counting on in 10’s from any number Counting on in 100’s from any number Target numbers – have a go!

7 Maths Using and applying, number, shape space and measure, data handling Calculating 100 square, dienes Partitioning into 10s and units – key skill – have a go! Addition and subtraction Multiplication and division At home – practical ‘maths’

8 Use partitioning to add 2 digit numbers together
= = Or, use a 100 square, draw the 10s and units, draw a numberline


10 Draw the 10s and units =

11 Any questions?

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