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Year 1 Parent Meeting 12th September 2012.

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1 Year 1 Parent Meeting 12th September 2012

2 Timetable Literacy Numeracy Science
I.C.T (Information, Communication Technology) History/Geography P.E (Physical education) R.E. (Religious education) Art/D.T (Design Technology) P.S.H.E (Personal, Social and Health Education) Music Early Learning Activities

3 Routine Morning Keywords: first 10 minutes of day is essential learning time

4 Literacy Writing Handwriting Phonics Reading Speaking & Listening

5 Literacy Writing Independent writing twice a week
Weekend writing on Monday Encourage sounding out and use of key words

6 Literacy Keywords Taken home Please practise reading and writing these
Early morning work on whiteboards

7 Literacy Reading Stories, non-fiction books, poems
Big Book or interactive Guided reading One to one Library once a week Home

8 Library Days 1S – Monday 1J – Wednesday 1L – Friday
Please ensure books are returned on these days. Thank you

9 Phonics Letters and sounds – oa, igh, oa, a_e Very interactive

10 Maths Number work and Calculations Counting Addition Subtraction

11 Maths Shape and Measures Including time

12 Maths Solving Problems Word problems Creative problems

13 Maths Practical activities Book work Encourage mental maths

14 Maths at home Maths is all around us! Counting, Time, Measures & Money

15 Homework Given out on a Friday, due back Monday
Related to class activity 10 – 15 minutes Reading 10 minutes every day at home

16 Important Information
P.E Kit – named! 1S – Tuesday & Wednesday 1J – Tuesday & Friday 1L- Monday & Friday Water bottle – named!

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