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Welcome to Year 1 Parents Meeting Thursday 22nd September 2011.

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1 Welcome to Year 1 Parents Meeting Thursday 22nd September 2011

2 A Typical Day in Year 1 Fidgety Fingers (including Guided Reading) Maths or Literacy Snack Assembly Challenge Time Special Time Lunch Phonics Science/Geography/History/ Art/ D&T Story time Not forgetting Literacy, PE, Music, Handwriting, Library, RE, ICT

3 Themes Autumn Me and My world Spring Explorers Summer The Great Outdoors Curriculum overviews will be sent at end of each term for following terms theme. Skills based, creative curriculum Opportunities to practise skills during challenge time

4 A Typical Curriculum Overview

5 Visits and Workshops Autumn Sculpture workshop with Darcy Turner Wardown Park Museum Exploring history of toys and housework. September 2011 4.11.11 Spring Wimpole Farm Looking at growth, change and variation Music/ Dance Workshop TBC Summer Cuffley Problem Solving Day Course Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Felt making and textiles workshop TBC 11 th -15 th June 2012

6 Maths Counting, partitioning and calculating Securing number facts, understanding shape Handling data and measures Measuring and understanding shape Securing number facts, relationships and calculating

7 Things To Practise at Home Number facts to 10 Teen and ty Understanding the teen numbers as 10 and x more Counting on and counting back in 1s 2s and 10s

8 Literacy Phonics Reading Speaking and Listening Writing

9 Things to Practise at Home Writing lists, labels, letters, stories, little books etc Using their phonics Have a go! – What sounds can you hear? Letter formation and pencil grip

10 Home Learning Research linked to current learning Not Show and Tell! Enjoying books Board games Independence

11 P.E. Oak: Tuesday and Thursday Chestnut: Wednesday and Friday Willow: Monday and Thursday We will be outside… Shoes that fit Tracksuit bottoms

12 And Finally… Coats - We go outside in all weather. Water Bottles

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