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Templefield Lower School

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1 Templefield Lower School
Welcome to Year 1 Induction Evening 2014

2 Staff in Year 1 Giraffe class - Mrs Kemp
Penguin class- Mrs Thompson and Mrs Freeman Support assistants in both classes

3 Transition from Foundation Stage
Morning sessions will be slightly more formal than Foundation, with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. The learning in the afternoons in Year 1 will be very similar to the foundation stage. Throughout the week your child will work with the teacher in a small group on a focused learning activity. At other times of the day your child will be learning through activities that are independent and can be accessed at their own level, providing the correct level of challenge. These activities will be split into 7 areas: Explain ‘quality time’ during focused activity. Discuss table activities and progression throughout year.

4 Independent Activities
Literacy Maths 2d/Art 3d/DT ICT Topic Small world/Role play

5 School Day School starts 9:00am (gate open from 8:40).
Literacy, numeracy and daily phonics. Morning break 10:10 – 10:30am. Lunch time 12:00 – 1:10pm. Topic work/ Table activities. Afternoon break. School finishes 3:30. Reinforcing traditional values e.g. courage, caring, friendship, humility as a toolkit to equip them for the wider world.

6 International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
At Templefield we broadly follow the IPC which is an exciting and stimulating, thematic based curriculum ideally suited to children of primary school age. At the same time we will ensure that we meet the requirements of the new national curriculum which begins in September. The topics we cover in Year 1 will include: Ourselves The Circus Clothes Toys Living Things Holidays Included within each topic Science, History, Geography, ICT, RE, French, PSHE and PE

7 Visits and Enrichment Circus skills day. Multi skills/Sports day.
Sports coaches. Class assemblies. Christmas Year 1 performance. Our school is also a ‘Values Based’ school covering a different value each half term. Reinforcing traditional values e.g. courage, caring, friendship, humility as a toolkit to equip them for the wider world.

8 Reward Systems We have a whole school assembly where we celebrate children’s achievements throughout the week. Each half term we hold a celebration assembly where two children from each class are recognised for their significant contributions to school life. Golden tickets are awarded to children who uphold the values of our school. Golden time is time when children are rewarded for their positive contributions throughout the school week and takes place on a Friday. Class sticker cards and rewards. Explain Golden time and no toy to be brought in…

9 Personalised Learning at Templefield
Each individual child’s needs are addressed through careful differentiation across the whole curriculum. We liaise closely with all our parents at all times and embrace an ‘open door’ policy where parents are free to speak to their child’s class teacher at the beginning and end of every day. Parents eves during Autumn and Spring terms, individual reports during summer term Open mornings and afternoons each term We allocate children to individual phonic groups during the Autumn term to ensure that they receive the correct level of support throughout the year Enhancing their literacy skills at an appropriate level

10 Topic work Making jam tarts finding out about the world around us
Problem solving activities to develop children’s thinking skills and make connections with previous knowledge and understanding of the world.

11 Maths 100 square jigsaw how many ways can you make 10 using two colours of cubes Children have a numeracy lesson each day involving children in small group work with teacher and other adults, or working on a variety of activities independently. All activities are differentiated to ensure children achieve at all levels of ability. Children very often support each others learning during these sessions, sharing their knowledge and skills with each other in a non threatening manner.

12 3D/DT- making clay dragons for our literacy topic of fantasy stories.
Children have different learning styles. 3D activities tap into kinaesthetic learning. Cross curricular work to reinforce learning. Social aspect of group work.

13 Literacy- acting out the story of Polar Bear, Polar Bear…
Reading Big Book, children join in – rhyme, repetition, text features etc. Act out story as stimulus for own writing.

14 Circus skills day Bringing our learning to life

15 Topic - Science: Plants and animals, materials
Investigative approaches to encourage scientific thinking. Adults to support recording of information. Exploring materials – making a tent for teddy. Planting runner bean seeds.

16 Learning to read Daily Phonics sessions.
Individual reading of books and key words within class time and then followed up at home. Group reading. Local library. Stress the importance of reading at home – books and HFW. At this stage, repetition and regular practise are very important. Flitwick Library for reading for enjoyment.

17 Practical Information
Book bag with reading book every day. Home Support Booklet. Named water bottle with water in! Named PE kit in named bag to be in school every day. Outdoor – Jogging bottoms, sweater/tracksuit top, outdoor trainers. Indoor – Black shorts, white t-shirt, plimsolls. Fruit/veg snack is available each day. If your child is not keen on a variety of fruit please provide them with a piece of fruit or veg which can be kept in their tray. Emphasise NAME!!

18 Practical information contd.
Milk is not provided in year 1. Pushchairs- Due to the narrow classroom entrances please leave any pushchairs or buggies in the covered area outside the year 1 classrooms. Mornings- please bring your child into their classroom (between 8.40 and 9.00). Afternoons: (3.30pm end of school day). Mrs Kemp’s class to be collected from the Y1 door under the covered area. Mrs Thompson/Mrs Freeman’s class to be collected from Y1 playground entrance.

19 Before and after school club
Templefield operate a before and after school club. For more information please contact Mrs Lee in the office. 1:8 ratio of staffing Am – 7.50 – 8.50am Afternoon 3.30 – and 4.30 – 5.30pm There are limited spaces currently. Charges is paid termly are £3.00 per hour long session If not booked in advance and random dates and times required £5.00 per hour will be charged.

20 Enjoy the holiday! We look forward to seeing you and your child in September.

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