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© Lenka Lexová Příbram. © Lenka Lexová Introduction Příbram is a city in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic with a population of 35,147.

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1 © Lenka Lexová Příbram

2 © Lenka Lexová Introduction Příbram is a city in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic with a population of 35,147 inhabitants the city is located at the Brdy foothills 60 kilometers south-west of Prague the city is the third biggest in the Central Bohemian Region it is an administrative and cultural center of the south-western part of the region, although it also tends to be influenced by the economy and life of Prague

3 © Lenka Lexová History Příbram was first mentioned in 1216 when it was bought by the bishop of Prague Ondřej in the 14 th century a small stone castle was built by the archbishop Arnošt of Pardubice on the site of the present Zámeček-Ernestinum Příbram is known for its rich mining past from the 10 th to 20 th century silver mining, in the middle of the 16 th century a boom, the biggest development in the 19 th century in 1579 Rudolf II promoted Příbram to “Free Royal Mining Town”

4 © Lenka Lexová from the 11 th to 19 th century iron ore was mined but Rudné doly Příbram had to be closed in 1979 due to economic reasons five major deep-mines were built in the 18 th century in Březové Hory near Příbram from 1948 to 1991 uranium extraction, Uranové doly Příbram, brought the biggest growth of the town the mines were closed due to economic reasons

5 © Lenka Lexová Education in the 19th century education facilities were built here in 1875 a training-school for teachers was built, since 1953 it´s the seat of Business Academy in 1865 Mining Academy was opened in 1894 it changed to the College of Mining Engineering (a university), in 1945 the university was moved to Ostrava the seat of the university changed to Domov mládeže, which is located at the top of Jiráskovy sady VŠERS – University of European and Regional Studies (Jihočeská Universita)

6 © Lenka Lexová Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk Square The Gothic St. James Church was built in 1298 and it is one of the oldest buildings in Příbram. There is a baroque aisle. The tower was renovated in the 19th century in the neo- gothic style.

7 © Lenka Lexová The Holy Mountain - a pilgrimage place

8 © Lenka Lexová The Holy Mountain - inside This baroque church and monastery at a pilgrimage site was built in 1658 by the Jesuit Order on the site of a chapel. It's dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it's connected to the city with unique roofed stairs.

9 © Lenka Lexová The Mining museum The mining museum includes: Anna Pit  Anna Pit - 1789  The Steam Mining Machine at Anna Pit  Prokop's Tunnel  Anna's Water Tunnel Ševčín Pit  Ševčín Pit – 1813 on the original 16th century pit  A Mining Cottage Adalbert (Vojtěch) Pit  Adalbert (Vojtěch) Pit – 1779, in 1875 it was the first pit in the world to reach 1000 m with one cable

10 © Lenka Lexová The aquapark The sport facilities in Příbram include two indoor ice rinks (main arena for approx. 5,000 spectators opened in 1978), indoor sports arena (opened 1978, capacity enlarged in reconstruction in 2005), modern open-air and indoor swimming pool and several playgrounds and tennis centers.

11 © Lenka Lexová The Football club Příbram

12 © Lenka Lexová The Příbram's chateau Originally it was a wooden fortress. In the 14 th century a castle was founded there in the gothic style, later it served as an archbishop residence for Arnošt of Pardubice. Now it is called Zámeček-Ernestinum and it is a cultural centre with an info- point, art gallery of František Drtikol, a ceremony hall and a memorial of victims of World War I. Outside there is a statue of archbishop Arnošt of Pardubice.

13 © Lenka Lexová Březové hory In Březové Hory you can find: five historical pits and other buildings of the Mining Museum of Příbram St. Adalbert church – in the neo-renaissance style, built in 1889 St. Prokop church – located on a place of an old wooden campanile in 18th century church of Master Jakoubek of Stříbro Charge – built in 1936

14 © Lenka Lexová The Vojna Memorial The Labour camps Příbram-Vojna and Příbram-Brody were run in 1949-1951, holding up to 800 mainly political prisoners who worked in the local uranium mines.

15 © Lenka Lexová Kovohutě Příbram On the list of Příbram’s biggest companies are: ZAT, a. s. – production of control systems for power engineering and industry; ZRUP, a. s.– prefab buildings production; Kovohutě Příbram nástupnická, a. s. – recycling and production of lead and precious metals; DISA Industries, s.r.o. – production of shot blasting equipment

16 © Lenka Lexová The Galery of František Drtikol

17 © Lenka Lexová The Cultural House The complex offers a lot of cultural facilities: a theatre a cinema a dancing hall a music club a hotel

18 © Lenka Lexová The main bus station

19 © Lenka Lexová The Forestpark at Litavka it is an ideal place for relaxation, walking and cycling it is located in the suburb of Příbram near the football stadium Baník

20 © Lenka Lexová Important sites in the region the Victory Monument at Slivice commemorates the last battle of WW II Vysoká u Příbrami – a museum of Antonín Dvořák who was inspired there to write ”Rusalka“ ruins of a Gothic castle Valdek near Jince the chateau in Dobříš the chateau in Březnice

21 © Lenka Lexová Příbram Source:

22 © Lenka Lexová What sights are there in Příbram? What important cultural places can you find in Příbram? Where can you go to do sports? What famous personalities are connected with Příbram? What means of transport can you use there? What about education? Where can people from Příbram find a job? Are there good opportunities for shopping? What interesting places are there in the surroundings of Příbram?

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