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My village, town or city © Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová.

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1 My village, town or city © Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová

2 Houses Match the words to the pictures: a cottage a detached house a terraced house a semi detached house a block of flats

3 What can you see in the picture? kitchen toilet bedroom bathroom living-roomchildren’s- room study garage attic hall dining-room

4 Find the furniture

5 Talk about your home 1.I live in a flat/house/detached house/semi-detached house/farm house/block of flats. 2.It is …….. years old and has ….. rooms. 3.Our place includes an attic/a cellar/a balcony/a garage. 4.In the kitchen we have ….. 5.In the dining room we have ….. 6.In the living room there is …….. 7.Inside the home I most enjoy …… 8.In the garden I really like …….

6 House chores do the laundry make your bed do the shopping wash the car do the washing up do the ironing clean your bedroom lay the table do the cooking

7 Talk about tasks around home  What do you regularly do in your home?  Who is responsible for each chore?  How often do you do each of your tasks?  Which job do you enjoy most and which do you like least?  Do you like working in the garden?  Do you think that housework is mainly woman‘s duty? Why?

8 Complete the crossword: 1. bydlení 2. krajina 3. divadlo 4. galerie 5. knihovna 6. nemít rád 7. spokojený 8. náměstí 9. kino 10. hrad, zámek 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

9 cheap elegant crowded popular fast-food industrial large modern clean comfortable traditional spacious quiet isolated pretty small narrow congested wide busy local corner expensive Learn more words a shop a street a village a house a town a restaurant

10 Discuss: 1.Do you live in a village, town or city?  I live in a (small / medium-sized / large /...) (village / town / city) called...  It has … inhabitants.  I have lived here since..., that´s … years.  It´s situated (south-east / north-west …) from …  It´s … kilometres from...  I´m satisfied living here because...  I dislike it because... I´d rather (live in / move to...)‏ 2.What cultural places are there?  There are (no / two / many/...) theatres / cinemas.  We (have / don´t have) an art gallery. There you can see...  We also have a (technical / mining / musical / …) museum

11 1.What sights can people visit at the place where you live?  There´s a famous (church / castle / monument...)‏  Near to where I live is … (a reservation / …)‏  We have many well-known buildings, such as...  You can also visit... 2.Where can we do sports there?  Our town has (a football stadium / tenis courts / an ice rink / swimming pool / aquapark / …)‏  You can play (golf / squash / mini golf / …) there.  You can (ride a horse / ride a motorcar / …)‏  Near to where I live is an airport where you can get flights over my town.  In winter you can go (skiing / cross-country skiing / ice skating / …)‏  If you like cycling you can go … Discuss:

12 Country life X city life 1.Describe a normal day of village life. 2.Describe a normal day of city life. 3.What are the advantages of living in a city / small town / village? 4.What are the disadvantages of living in a city / small town / village? 5.Where is life easier – in the city or in the country? Why? Source:, E. and A. Peck: Let's Talk, Fraus 1999

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