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My village, town or city © Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová.

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1 My village, town or city © Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová

2 Houses Match the words to the pictures: a cottage a detached house a terraced house a semi detached house a block of flats

3 What can you see in the picture? kitchen toilet bedroom bathroom living-roomchildren’s- room study garage attic hall dining-room

4 Find the furniture

5 Talk about your home 1.I live in a flat/house/detached house/semi-detached house/farm house/block of flats. 2.It is …….. years old and has ….. rooms. 3.Our place includes an attic/a cellar/a balcony/a garage. 4.In the kitchen we have ….. 5.In the dining room we have ….. 6.In the living room there is …….. 7.Inside the home I most enjoy …… 8.In the garden I really like …….

6 House chores do the laundry make your bed do the shopping wash the car do the washing up do the ironing clean your bedroom lay the table do the cooking

7 Talk about tasks around home  What do you regularly do in your home?  Who is responsible for each chore?  How often do you do each of your tasks?  Which job do you enjoy most and which do you like least?  Do you like working in the garden?  Do you think that housework is mainly woman‘s duty? Why?

8 Complete the crossword: 1. bydlení 2. krajina 3. divadlo 4. galerie 5. knihovna 6. nemít rád 7. spokojený 8. náměstí 9. kino 10. hrad, zámek

9 cheap elegant crowded popular fast-food industrial large modern clean comfortable traditional spacious quiet isolated pretty small narrow congested wide busy local corner expensive Learn more words a shop a street a village a house a town a restaurant

10 Discuss: 1.Do you live in a village, town or city?  I live in a (small / medium-sized / large /...) (village / town / city) called...  It has … inhabitants.  I have lived here since..., that´s … years.  It´s situated (south-east / north-west …) from …  It´s … kilometres from...  I´m satisfied living here because...  I dislike it because... I´d rather (live in / move to...)‏ 2.What cultural places are there?  There are (no / two / many/...) theatres / cinemas.  We (have / don´t have) an art gallery. There you can see...  We also have a (technical / mining / musical / …) museum

11 1.What sights can people visit at the place where you live?  There´s a famous (church / castle / monument...)‏  Near to where I live is … (a reservation / …)‏  We have many well-known buildings, such as...  You can also visit... 2.Where can we do sports there?  Our town has (a football stadium / tenis courts / an ice rink / swimming pool / aquapark / …)‏  You can play (golf / squash / mini golf / …) there.  You can (ride a horse / ride a motorcar / …)‏  Near to where I live is an airport where you can get flights over my town.  In winter you can go (skiing / cross-country skiing / ice skating / …)‏  If you like cycling you can go … Discuss:

12 Country life X city life 1.Describe a normal day of village life. 2.Describe a normal day of city life. 3.What are the advantages of living in a city / small town / village? 4.What are the disadvantages of living in a city / small town / village? 5.Where is life easier – in the city or in the country? Why? Source: E. and A. Peck: Let's Talk, Fraus 1999

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