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The White Pearl of Silesia

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1 The White Pearl of Silesia
OPAVA The White Pearl of Silesia

2 LOCATION The city of Opava is situated in the Moravian-Silesian Region. This region is located in the north-east of the Czech Republic.


4 About the City of Opava Population – 64 000 Area - 90 km2
rich in history and historic landmarks an important cultural centre for the region an industrial and business centre the establishment of the town is recorded in a document from 1224

5 Essential Municipal Symbols

6 Name of the City The name probably follows from the Teutonic APA and the Celtic AHWA or AHAWA, whereas both of them mean water or plenty of water. Czech originated in the connection of these two names. The Latin name is Opavia and the German Troppau. The city of Opava is situated at the confluence of the Silesian rivers Opava and Moravice.

7 The legend about the origination of the name of Opava
Many centuries ago two powerful lords met in this location. They met while hunting and because they liked this piece of land, they built their tents here. One day, they walked out of their tents and saw a procession of merchants. They were arriving from far eastern countries and they began to offer the noble lords their goods. They also showed them a charmingly beautiful bird which the lords had never seen before in their lives. And so it was that both lords wanted to own the bird. The merchants did not know who to sell the bird to and a row broke out. The merchants from the east decided that one of the lords might take the peacock and that in a year´s time they would come back and bring the bird to the other lord. One lord however shouted that he was the one who was to take it now, as his wife had a birthday and he wanted to give it to her, but the other lord did not agree. The evening was approaching when the lord who was perhaps wiser told the other to keep the peacock and that he would wait. He thought over the whole matter in his tent and after some time he went to the other lord to make peace with him. They were drinking honey wine together and talking, when the lord who had not gain the peacock got the idea to built a town on this memorable place. But another problem arose – what to call the town?The lord who had bought the peacock cried out:“Let´s name the town after the beautiful bird!“ The first one liked the name too, but he thought it was too short. The other lord said that as they argued about the peacock (in Czech „o páva“) the town should bear the name O-P-A-V-A. They also named the river where they had their tents Opava.

8 Places of interest The city of Opava boasts of many historical buildings. There are some examples:

9 City Watchtower – Hláska The seat of Opava City Council

10 Silesian Theatre The foundation stone was laid on 1 May It has two ensembles: drama and opera.

11 Municipal House

12 The Silesian Provincial Museum
It is the oldest museum in the Czech lands (1814).

13 The Lower Square The oldest heart of the city. It is surrounded on three sides by old aristocratic and city houses.

14 The Petr Bezruč Municipal House of Culture
It contains a library and Chamber of Commerce.

15 Breda Department Store
It was constructed in

16 Swedish Chapel (Chapel of the Holy Cross)

17 The Musical Pavilion on Birds Hill
Bird Hill is the remains of the cities fortifications.

18 Concathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
It is the most important Gothic monument of Opava. It was built in the 14th century.

19 The Church of St. Adalbert
This baroque structure was built in 17th century by the Jesuits.

20 Sports Opava hosts sports competitions at top league – football, basketball, volleyball and hockey tournaments. Opava gained an international reputation for organizing the GRAND PRIX Bodybuilding contest. Opava has many splendid sports centres.

21 The Multi-purpose Sports Hall

22 The Tyrš Stadium for athletics

23 The Municipal Swimming Pool

24 The Winter Stadium

25 Football Stadium

26 Culture and Education Silesian Theatre – drama and opera
The Puppet Theatre The House of Arts The September Festival called Bezruč´s Opava The Further Horizon The International Organ Competition The Silesian University (since 1991)

27 Silesian Theatre

28 The House of Arts

29 The Silesian University

30 Industry and business the production of pharmaceutics, paints, varnishes paper and a polygraphic industry Engineering works: mining equipment, hydraulic machinery, agricultural machinery, metal components for the building industry… The food processing industry: biscuits, pastries, sweets, sugar, frozen foods…

31 Opavia

32 Teva Opava

33 Balakom Opava

34 Slezská tvorba Production of Christmas flasks

35 Ostroj Opava

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