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PARTS OF SPEECH VERB By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S.,

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1 PARTS OF SPEECH VERB By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum. @VannyNingtias

2 P ARTS OF SPEECH Bagian dari ujaran Verb  Kata Kerja Adjective  Kata Sifat Noun  Kata Benda Adverb  Kata Keterangan (manner/cara)

3 VERBS Base form (verb 1) Infinitive (To + Verb 1) Gerund (Verb –ing) Ving Past Participle ( Verb 3) Past form (Verb 2)

4 What is your hobby? I like swimming Today is a very hot day, I like to swim

5 Study – studied – studied Go-went-gone Do-did-done Swim – swam – swum Sing-sang-sung Drink – drank-drunk Sink-sank-sunk Think-thought Bring-brought Put – put – put Cut – cut – cut

6 Take-took-taken Drive – drove- driven Ride – rode-riden Make-made-made

7 I like swimming I like to swim

8 M ODAL : How to memorize: Cewe memang shalihah Cowo memang salih


10 S + MODALS + VERB 1/ BE (ANA/V ING /V3) I couldn’t swim but now I can swim I will swim I will be successful (Adjective) I will be a businessman (Noun) I will be in JKT next week (Adverb of place) I will be swimming next Sunday (Ving-active) I will be kissed by my mom on Sunday (V3 – passive) I couldn’t swim but now I can swim

11 W ORD FOR WORD TRANSLATION WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT STRUCTURE AND MEANING Don’t translate like this!!!! Past, my friends often say me if you love play play fire… now I know thing this Please go far far from me because you already sick my liver repeat river If you sick me like this continue continue, long long I will cut you

12 TO V1/INFINITIVE -----TUJUAN PURPOSE (TUJUAN MELAKUKAN SST) DESTINATION (TUJUAN BEPERGIAN) AIM (SASARAN) I go to UDINUS to study for my bachelor degree (study/studied/studying) X I eat to make my body healthy I study Aquatic Resources Management/Fisheries Resources …. to have a good knowledge about it I come to ask you to marry me

13 A DJECTIVE + INFINITIVE (T O V ERB 1) I am too tired to love you It is impossible to forget you We are too busy to do English homework You are too sweet to be forgotten/to forget

14 V ERB + V ERB (2 ND VERB MUST CHANGE !!! WAHDIANTOPBERAT-+ To Verb 1 Want, allow, hope, decide, intend, ask, need, tell, order, permit, beg, expect, remind, advise, teach PAPREMASDADAKUFiFa + Verb Ing Practice, avoid, postpone, risk, enjoy, mind, admit, suggest, deny, appreciate, delay, keep, understand, finish, fancy dua – dua nya boleh Go Love Like

15 P REPOSITION + V ERB ING / BEING On, in, under, of, about, for, by, before, after, at I am thinking of marrying you I must change my clothes before swimming I should wear special outfit for diving I am interested in being “Miss Another World”

16 PASSIVE To be (is, am, are, was, were, be, been, being) To be + VERB 3  passive To be + Verb ing  active Has/have/had + Verb 3  active Has/have/had + been + Verb 3  passive Has/have/had + Noun  punya I have a dream. Faiz has 2 boyfriends. Nindita has five boyfriends. Ramdhani has never kissed (Active) Ramdhani has never been kissed (Passive)

17 Active : S + Verb S + to be + Verb ing Passive : S + to be + Verb 3

18 I am kissing I am kissed I am killing I am killed

19 Simple past Verb 2 To be 2 I kissed my mother few weeks ago I –was-- (be) young 5 years ago We __visited__( visit ) jakarta a few weeks ago Tita and Firoh__ swam and dived___ a week ago in Banjir Kanal

20 To be + V 3 I am kissed by my mom everyday I was kissed I am being kissed I was being kissed I will be kissed I will be being kissed I have been kissed I have been being loved by my parents

21 TIPS 1. dalam pengerjaan grammar periksa Subject & Verb dulu Cek kesesuaiannya 2. cara cek kesesuaian A. semua subject boleh memakai: Modal, Verb2 (ed), did, had B. I  am, was, Verb1, do, have C. banyak S, they, we, you  are, were, V 1, do, have D. 1 S, he, she, it  is, was, V 1 (s/es), does, has 3. to be  is, am, are, be, been, was, were, being hanya bisa diikuti oleh  Verb ing (aktif) ANOSE  1 subject Verb 3 (pasif) Any, No, Some, Every/each ANA (one, body, thing) 4. has, have, had  jumlah/angka + Noun Verb 3 (-ed)—aktifVerb + Verb (double V) been verb + Verb ing / to verb 1 (Verb yang kedua harus berubah) 5. bila S + V sdh MATCH, cek adjective-nya. Verb-ing  active Verb-3 (-ed)  pasif  biasanya ada –by…….

22 1. he is already two years old, but he still cannot to walk. 2. he comes here working not to spend leisure time 3. experts are sent to the tsunami-stricken province to rebuild the region 4. it’s easy to understand why he was angry 5. it’s wrong by lifting a cat by its ears and legs 6. instead of study for his exam, he watched TV until late at night 7. the students had registering for classes before the semester started 8. my brother enjoyed the meal at the party last night 9. they move to Los Angeles in 2004 10. he has been sick for four days. I think he must to see a doctor

23 A nose Any-thing,body,one No Some Every Verb 1 (s/es) Is, was, has

24 MY UNCLE IS SUCCESSFUL MY uncle is unsuccessful My uncle succeeded in winning the first prize I am jealous I envy with her success

25 HOMEWORK LDR between S V Students in FEB in UDINUS in Room D 111 ARE behind the parks in front of the fish pond in semarang Frans beside the boys behind the girls in building B in Dian Nuswantoro University in Faculty of Economics and Business in Semarang in the middle of the students ------is/are---- handsome

26 I go She goes The student goes Students go SUBJUNCTIVE I asked that the student go Hananto is diligent I suggest that hananto be diligent

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