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Unit 6 & 7 S V Agreement By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S.,

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1 Unit 6 & 7 S V Agreement By Vanny Martianova Y., S.S., M.Hum. @VannyNingtias

2 tips 1. dalam pengerjaan grammar periksa Subject & Verb dulu 6. MODAL + Verb 1 / Be Cek kesesuaiannya Can,Will,May,Must,Shall 2. cara cek kesesuaian could, Would,Might,Ought to,Should A. semua subject boleh memakai: Modal, Verb2 (ed), did, had B. I  am, was, Verb1, do, have 7. PREPOSITION + Verb ing /Being (in, on, at, of, for, by, beside, behind, about,etc) C. banyak Subject, they, we, you  are, were, V 1, do, have D. 1 Subject, he, she, it  is, was, V 1 (s/es), does, has 3. TO BE  is, am, are, be, been, was, were, hanya bisa diikuti oleh  Verb ing (aktif) 8. ANOSE  1 subject Verb 3 (pasif) Any, No, Some, Every ANA (one, body, thing) 4. has, have, had  jumlah/angka + Noun Verb 3 (-ed)—aktif 9. Verb + Verb (double V) been verb + Verb ing / to verb 1 (Verb yang kedua harus berubah) 5. bila S + V sdh MATCH, cek adjective-nya. Verb-ing  active Verb-3 (-ed)  pasif  biasanya ada –by…….

3 What,when,where,why,who,how Bila posisinya didepan, maka hanya bisa diikuti oleh: Verb + S Why do you love me? Why are you sad? When can you marry me? Where is fadil? Bila posisinya ditengah kalimat, maka hanya bisa diikuti: S+Verb I don’t know why I love you I want to know why you love me My mother asked me when Noor can marry Wisnu. I don’t know where Fadil is

4 Since (sejak) Since 1999since last week Since October since last month Since Mondaysince last year Since two years ago Since a month ago For (selama) For five years For two weeks For two days For 1999  in /during 1999 For october  in / during October

5 Cevin is 22 years old Cevin has a girlfriend His girlfriend is 20 years old Cevin has a 20 year-old girlfriend Vicky has a vespa Her vespa is 40 years old Vicky has a 40 year-old vespa Two days later, Robby is getting married I am attending a two-day seminar

6 S V Agreement S dan V ------- MATCH 1. ANOSE Any, no, some, every  + body, one, thing  1 subject  1 verb Neither of the students is Either/each of the students is Every motor and car is

7 2. It is/was 2. It is/was…(the students)  it are/it were  X If it were Sunday, I would sleep all day.  Subjunctive/Conditional sentence (tidakmuncul di TOEFL) It was the dogs It is you who can make me fall in love It is the students who make ms.Vanny have a lot of spirit

8 Along with, as well as, in addition to, together with 3.NOUN+ along with/together with/in addition to/as well as + Noun  Fokus pada NOUN yang pertama/di depan Ex. The man with his 10 girlfriends is Niam The man and his 10 girlfriends are happy My father with my mother is happy My father and my mother are happy Rijon as well as his ten boyfriends is handsome The student together with their lecturers goes/is swimming The lecturers in addition to the student go/are swimming

9 4. There & Here  Fokus pada Noun setelah Verb. There---are--- some boys in this room Here ---is--- the money. There –is/was-- a woman beside Jessica Here ---are/were-- your books There is / there was/ there has been a book in the bag There are/were/have been books

10 5. And, Both-And, Not only-but also And Both – and lebih dari 1/banyak subject Not only – but alsoare/were,/have/V1/ do Umi and Fuz are in relationship Both Andre and Desy love football/are my friends A red and blue Honda is A white and red flag is in indonesia A red jazz and a blue livina are A red and blue livina is Not only Anisya but also Maulidia are pretty A blue moon is A yellow fish is A red bag and a blue hat are

11 6. Several, many, both, few Several, many, both, few  banyak Several students are Many books are Both are Few are

12 7. Plural Nouns Trousers, jeans, sunglasses, spectacles, breast holders  are Riches, thanks, means  are Abi’s riches are limitless Thanks are not enough Scissors, pliers, tweezers  are My scissors are broken

13 8. neither-nor ; either-or Neither the students is Either the student is Neither – nor Either – or fokus pada Kt.benda yang terakhir Either the 1000 lecturers or the student is Neither the lecturer nor the students are Either the students or Ryan with his 10 boyfriends is

14 Before David went to campus, he had taken a shower. Before Sabrina mopped the floor, she had swept it. Sabrina ---slowly drives-- a car. Sabrina ------ beautifully dances--- Srimpi. Sabrina dances Srimpi beautifully Sabrina drives a car slowly/carefully Student studies/goes/swims Students study/go/swim

15 Because  S + V Because Jennifer is sick, she cannot go to campus Because Jennifer has a Typhus, she is noow being hospitalized Because of  Noun / Verb ing Because of sick/typhus, Jennifer cannot go to campus Because of the rain, I got wet.

16 9. All/some/none/any/majority/half All/some/none/any/majority/half ---tergantung Kt.B. Any student is Any students are All the students are All the money is

17 10. A number of ; the number of A number----are The number ----is A number of chairs are The number of chairs is

18 11. Money, weight, height, temperature,time  SINGULAR Uang, berat, tinggi, suhu, waktu  is 10 years is enough for me to wait for you 100 million dollars is too little for me 1000 liters of alcohol is too much 60 kilograms is not too fat My money is just a little 100 million US dollars 100 million US dollars is just a little A student is Many students are 10 students are

19 12. Singular (plural like) noun Noun (mirip jamak) Ex. Statistics, informatics, economics, news, mathematics Sebenarnya hanya 1 subject Jadi gunakan  is Mathematics is easy Statistics is interesting Economics is Damas is Haris is

20 13. Title of Book, Novel, Movie, Song, Poem Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is a good movie Transformers is Suster - suster keramas is Bangku kosong and Pocong Arisan are Dear God is A7X’s song Dear God and Seize the Day are A7X’s songs Ayat – Ayat Cinta is

21 14. Class, team, police, committee, audience, family, faculty The team is solid (1 tim scr keseluruhan) The team are doing exercise (per org dlm tim) The family is busy The family are cleaning the house Zahara’s family is fighting Eka’s family Zahara’s family are fighting

22 15. -sh, -ese, -ch  orang atau bahasa bahasa  tanpa the  is orang  the-----  are Spanish is difficult The Spanish are beautiful French is sexy The French are sexy

23 S + Verb + Adv of place/time The beautiful roses are in front of the park In front of the park are the beautiful roses Faisal sits on the chair On the chair sits Faisal Taufik swims in the swamp/in the morning In the swamp/in the morning swims Taufik

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