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SOCIAL NETWORKING Or, how to reach new members in the 21 st Century.

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1 SOCIAL NETWORKING Or, how to reach new members in the 21 st Century

2 ARE YOU SOCIALIZING? Social networking is here! It’s no longer the coming thing! It’s THE thing If you’re not, you’re not only treading water, you’re slowly sinking


4 Did You Know Boating Is Popular 13 million registered recreational boats in 2009 1 in 10 households owns a boat 75 million adults—32.4% of all U.S. adults—went boating in 2010 Boaters are middle class 79% of current boat owners have an average household income of less than $100,000 62% of current boat owners earn less than $75,000 average household income per year

5 Most Boats are Inexpensive, Small and Boating is Seasonal Average price of a new boat in 2010 was $16,157 Average price of a new outboard boat, motor and trailer package in 2010 was $27,710 Boat owners spent an average of 28 days on the water in 2010 95% of registered mechanically-propelled boats are less than 26 feet in length

6 What Do These Statistics Tell Us? We need to reach younger boaters A group target? Generation X – People born in the 1960’s and 1970’s ending in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s – Born in 1960: age is now 51 – Born in 1970: age is now 41 – Born in 1980: age is now 31

7 Who Is Generation X? Saw the inception of the home computer Saw the rise of video games Saw the rise of the internet as a TOOL for social and commercial purposes They’re diverse in such aspects as: 1.Race4. Ethnicity 2.Class5. Sexual orientation 3.Religion

8 Generation X Often the children of divorced parents “Change” is the rule rather than the exception Tend to ignore leaders Higher education levels Men in this generation make 12% less income than their fathers Family income is higher because more women are in the work force

9 Generation X They are not joiners 2 wage earner parents with school age children After school children activities Free time is family time Interact on the internet Respond to internet activities

10 USPS SHOULD TARGET Age groups 31-51 The Internet is a social tool we must “tap” 2 income households

11 USPS CHALLENGES Declining Membership Diminishing Revenues Aging Membership Fragmented Message Spotty On-Line Presence Internet Recognition

12 OUR OBJECTIVES Increase Sales Increase Membership Provide a consistent message to the recreational boating community Improve our name recognition

13 We’ve Had A Social Media Presence Since June, 2011 It’s on our Home Page WHY? 1.It develops an ongoing relationship (engagement) with potential new members 2.Engagement lets potential new members know us and who we are 3.The relationship can extend from the individual to squadron members, nation, and to other non-members

14 Internet Tools Many to choose from We picked the best and most recognizable – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – You Tube

15 Facebook Access to 150 million users in the US The Wall Builds a community. Gives direct, two-way interaction with us and each other—in a non-promotional way The Like Button The more interaction, the higher Facebook “scores” on our post. The higher the score, the more likely our post gets into the “news feed.” This is where our message becomes viral. Friends of fans see our post.

16 Facebook Promotional offers The number one reason people become fans We can use Facebook ads to target existing fans or hit potential new fans

17 Twitter The most powerful search engine. We can know: when where and what people are saying about USPS We can send strategic “tweets” to fortify USPS initiatives

18 Linkedin Join discussions in existing groups Create our own USPS group A place where requests for endorsements are both welcome and expected Allows for Question and Answer inquires with a professional slant When one of our group members posts, we get an update

19 YouTube The most popular video hosting and sharing platform Anyone with an account can upload a video to the site and share it and it’s not expected that it will be professionally produced Easy for anyone to view and share the video on Facebook, Twitter and other sites with a single click Can be as long as 15 minutes

20 Go to the link on our home page and watch the videos It’s an introduction to On The Water Training 4 videos posted How to Dock a Powerboat, How To Do a Quick Stop, How To Perform a Slow Speed Slalom, BOC Introduction How to Dock is by far the most popular, over 3 times more views than any other video

21 AND YOU CAN POST THEM TOO YOU CAN ALSO POST OTHER ACTIVITIES 1.Raft ups and other on water activities 2.Picnics 3.Meeting presentations 4.Public service events 5.You’ll get responses!

22 GREAT—WHEN? Since June 1 st Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube links on the home page Dynamic, will change We have to closely monitor We will A Pro does it

23 WE’LL HELP SQUADRONS First of all, it’s easy to set up The key is monitoring and maintenance In Greensboro, our Pro conducted a 2 hour seminar this morning Terri Flagg, MA Candidate and Roy H. Park Fellow in Visual Communication UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication

24 What Are The Goals Of Social Media REVENUE Member Dues Member Sales Education Dept. Sales Public Sales CIVIC SERVICE RECRUITING RECOGNITION Squadrons Members USPS Staff FELLOWSHIP RETENTION

25 AND U CAN DO IT 2 Each District and Squadron should have their own social media links It’s easy to set up We’ll help you if you need help Put everything you do up there. You’ll never know when you’ll reel in a new member

26 LET US HELP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terri is an expert I’m a novice I’ll probably “dump” all requests to her But go through me so I can track

27 YOU CAN FIND ME AT: 821-0281 X 228 (888) 367-8777 X 228 I’m here to help. I work for U

28 YOU CAN FIND TERRI AT: (757) 621-9922 She works 4 U 2

29 Terri’s Presentation Available on the Gov. Board CD Or, ask her to email it to you Or, me


31 Addendum Terri is available to any squadron or district that wants help setting up their own pages She is also available for ½ hour segments at Jacksonville Annual Meeting Sign up at: etworking_Seminars_2012_Annual_Meeting.html

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