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Reflect gender and number in nouns

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1 Reflect gender and number in nouns
Articles in Spanish Reflect gender and number in nouns

2 Articles introduce the noun
The article will tell us a lot about the noun it is next to. In Spanish we use articles much more than we do in English because nouns in Spanish have gender. We learn the gender and the number of the noun by looking at the article.

3 The= el,la,los,las The definite article “the” in English becomes four articles in Spanish because we must consider gender and number El= singular masculine La = singular feminine Los = plural masculine Las = plural feminine

4 A, an= un,una, unos, unas The indefinite article “a” or “an” turns into these in Spanish Un= singular, masculine Una= singular, feminine Unos= plural masculine Unas= plural feminine

5 Accordance= agreement
The article and the noun must agree in number and in gender. If the noun is feminine the article must be feminine If the noun is masculine the article must be masculine If the noun is plural (more than one) the article must be plural

6 How do we see accordance
singular Una amiga Un hermano El libro El día La calculadora plural unas amigas unos hermanos los libros los días las calculadoras

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