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VaShIST Tecnologies.

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1 VaShIST Tecnologies

2 VISION STATEMENT Vashist Tecnologies
An ISO Certified Company : Engineering Solution Provider To be a Leading, Dynamic, Result Oriented Company focused on providing Quality Solutions, Systems and Support To be consistent by improving continuously through our Quality Management System.

3 Our PARTNERS ABB Automation technology & Control Engineering products,
Rockwell Automation Automation and Control Products Honeywell Automation Sensing & Control Products Schmersal Man and Machine Safety Products

4 Our FOCUS Application Engineering Division Panel Engineering Division
The perfection in Application Engineering lies in understanding the application, understanding the product, its power, and its limitations. We also do develop the customized products for the various requirements of the customer. Panel Engineering Division With vast experience in the field, our engineers are talented creative professionals & technology developers, the excel had been proven in various industries, with compact non heating cost effective Panel designs. Product Sales Division The suggestion and selling of right product for right application with the best possible cost effectiveness, knowing the strengths and limitations of the products, has been always the high morale.

5 Panel Engineering Division
We manufacture control panels for a wide range of Application. At present s, we cater to OEM customers in the following fields Offset Printing Machines Textile Machines Packaging Machines Special Purpose Machines Biscuit Machines We offers Electrical Schematics and full System Documentation Installation, Supervision and Testing of Control Panel Control Panel Building and Wiring

6 Our Services in System Integration
Application Study Documentation of Control Sequence & Application Details Automation Control Design Consultancy in Equipment & Accessories sourcing Panel Building and Commissioning

7 APPLICATION Printing Machines Textile Machines Conveyors Paper Plants
Any Speed Control Application Knitting Machines Air Compressors Pumps and Fans Lifts, Hoists and Elevators Hosiery Process Machines Packing Machines

8 PLC and DISPLAYS Logic Modules Low Range PLC’s up to 200 IO’s
Middle Range PLC’s 1,000 IO’s Higher End PLC’s above 10,000 IO’s Display Panels / Operator Terminals

9 SCADA and DCS SCADA from 5 tags till unlimited Tags Scalable DCS
Higher End DCS Field Bus Devices supporting FFB, Profibus Device Net, Ethernet, HART and Comli Interface Devices and RTU’s

AC Drives from .5 Hp Onwards Servo Drives Stepper motor and Drives

Switches , Sensors and Control Components General Purpose Sensors Field Instruments Industrial Control Products Safety Products Measuring and Inspection Production

12 Our FOCUS Training Division
As a group company , at Hitech Electronics Research and Training Zone, (HERTZ) we mobilize the engineering work force for corporate as well as individuals by providing advanced training in PLC’s, Field Sensors and Instruments, Process Control & Instrumentation, Panel engineering, Embedded Programming and Design, Motion Controllers, SCADA HMI DCS

13 STRATEGY Project Management. Design, Engineering & Supply.
Software Development. Total Staging / Factory acceptance test. Supervision of erection and commissioning. Training Documentation

14 SCOPE / DOMAIN Panel Engineering PLC /SCADA System integration
Embedded Systems / Controllers Servo/AC drives applications Products / Components Sensors and Switches marketing Commissioning Training

Military / Defense, Aerospace, Avionics, Telecommunications, Automotive, Semiconductor / electronics / electrical, Machinery, Medical and life science markets.

OFFICE LOCATION Head Office : Vashist Tecnologies Address : Century Tower , Sathy Road Gandhipuram Coimbatore – Phone : Tele-fax :

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