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 We carry a full catalog of veterinary drugs and supplies and their descriptions online which can only be accessed through a verified DVM license  We.

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2  We carry a full catalog of veterinary drugs and supplies and their descriptions online which can only be accessed through a verified DVM license  We allow veterinarians to order their drug shipments online as well as through the phone, unlike other companies that operate only via phone  We stress same day shipping to allow maximum efficiency  We are completely operational online and have no storefront allowing us to give better prices to customers

3  Our company began in 2005 after two of three founders, Tom Schambow, DVM and Stephen Willoughby DVM began to get fed up with his current drug order companies. After talking with several large medicine manufacturers, they began a joint venture with newly formed company eVet Supply and several large drug companies. Secretary’s Day lover Katie Cusack joined company as accountant and CPA, managing all funds. Their hope was to provide easy access for Veterinarians to purchase drugs without the hassles that normally adjoin the process.

4  Our customers are Veterinarians and Vet Clinics. The website features the ability to purchase and order drug shipments needed for animal healthcare online, allowing only DVMs to place orders. The customers appreciate this system because it allows them to avoid working on the phone and the makes the process very clean-cut. However, phone orders are also offered for those who prefer to do transactions not over the internet.

5  Our Customers consist mainly of large- animal veternarians who live in sparsely populated states of America. The veterinarians value their rural lifestyle and enjoy serving the small communities and farming operations they are a part of. Our company allows them to keep their lifestyle in tact without making adjustments or having to commute to large cities to purchase supplies. Instead our company delivers the product to them with ease.

6  Our products are commodity items because they are necessary to keep farming and ranching operations viable and producing, as well as veterinarians profitable. Our customers can get good quality veterinary medical supplies at a low and reasonable price. Our customers expect fast and reliable delivery. We meet these expectations with ease.

7  We plan to market our products in several different ways:  We plan to use online veterinarian websites used by veterinarians nationwide by advertising our products and company.  We will use brochures and mailings to rural veterinary clinics across the nation to advertise our products and company.  We plan to contract with veterinary clinics to secure financial stability.

8  Buyer power is low in rural areas, because customers must travel distances to get products.  Supplier Power is high because we are one of few companies available in rural settings for veterinarians to utilize.  There is a threat of substitute products because other distributers offer the same products as us. We plan to fix this issue by offering a large variety of generic and brand name products. We will partner with the companies that produce both generic and brand name products.

9  The threat of new entrants will most likely be low. It takes an enormous amount of knowledge to begin in the industry and large companies often take many years to become profitable.  There will be very little rivalry among existing competitors because there are not many other companies in the industry. We are reaching into an untapped portion of the industry.

10 Web 2.0 Technology Chargify Use: This technology charges customers’ credit cards securely. The technology also builds customer profiles that include their billing history. We will use this technology to ensure that our customers can pay their bill securely. It will also help us expedite the billing process because we will have the customer profile prepared.

11 Web 2.0 Continued Loopthing Use: This technology is a business networking site that creates relationships with other businesses. This will help our business get in contact with veterinary clinics and make special contracts. Xero: Use: This technology is an accounting system that links bank transactions and other reports for easy access. This will help our business manage our finances and accounts with ease from anywhere in the world.

12 Payment Options Our company will offer a multitude of payment options for our customer’s convenience. These payment methods include: Paypal (online service) Credit/Debit (phone orders) Electronic cheques Customers will have the option of setting up a user account in order to store information about purchases. Once the customer purchases once, their information can be recalled from our database in order to make subsequent orders faster to process.

13 Encryption We will use a public key encryption style to ensure their security. Each customer will have their own personal “key” in order to access their information. Our company will also have a private key that will be kept confidential in order to manage and secure the customer data. This private key will be used to unscramble private information in order for us to access account information.

14  We use the Verint CRM system. The company Verint works with other pharmaceutical companies, making them suited to fit our company identity. Verint assists us in an analytical driven way. They optimize our workface and can uncover business trends and look at customer behavior. In many ratings they have received 4 out of 5 and 5 as scores, with them earning the 2009 Service Award. Their only con is their latest trend towards foreign expansion.

15  Since this company is not hugely popular, the cost of using their CRM program is much less than other larger and popular CRM companies.  This CRM system aims to give accurate customer feedback. Other pharmaceutical companies would benefit from using this system because it can cut down on the number of unneeded orders and help streamline businesses.

16  Chargify. (2009). Chargify: build your business, not your billing system. Retrieved from  Haag and Cummings, S. and M. (2008). Managment Information Systems for the Information Age. New York: Mcgraw-Hill Irwin.  Loopthing. (2009). Loopthing. Retrieved from  Tippit Inc. (2009). InsideCRM. Retrieved from  Xero. (2009). Xero online accounting software. Retrieved from  Verint Systems Inc. (2009). Verint: Powering Actionable Intelligence. Retrieved from

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