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Your Keys To Financial Freedom And Long-Term Residual Income!

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2 Your Keys To Financial Freedom And Long-Term Residual Income!

3 Why Own an ATM Machine? Convenience for your customers Tremendous profits Very little space required Easy to maintain 24-hour customer support Online access to view transactions The ideal vending machine – earn money 24/7

4 How does an ATM transaction work? 1. A customer inserts their bankcard in the ATM and requests funds. 2. The ATM dials a toll-free number to contact the appropriate institution such as Star® Plus® or Cirrus®, which then contacts a customer's financial institution. 3. A customer's funds are verified by his financial institution. 4. If funds are verified, the transaction is approved and a customer receives cash from the machine. 5. The withdrawal amount and the surcharge are withdrawn from a customer's account. 6. The transaction is processed through the Federal Reserve's automated clearing house. 7. Both the surcharge and the withdrawal amount are electronically deposited into the bank accounts of your choice. 8. You can partner-up with friends or family to share the cost of your ATM purchase and split out the profits to multiple accounts.

5 How to Get an ATM Machine Installed in your Business With a few simple forms, your ATM machine can be programmed and ready to be used in a matter of days The machine is shipped to a business and ready to operate Your ATM machine will be delivered with a Welcome Screen including a business name and receipt header thanking the customers for using the ATM The ATM machine is installed with four bolts and requires a telephone line or Internet connection

6 How Profitable are ATMs? Traditional Investment ATM Returns Today’s current bank returns are 3-5% Stock market up and down like a yo-yo Real estate – very scary Recession??? Consistent Direct deposited to your account daily Safe 40-100% return on your investment

7 Hard to believe…let me show you how! Cost of ATM installed is $2995 Cash in machine $2000 Total investment $4995 National average is 120 transactions per month @ $2.50 per transaction = $300 per month x 12 months = $3600 per year. In percentage terms, that’s over a 70% return on your investment in the first year only! Many locations, however, can do as many as 500 or more transactions in a month and charge twice as much per transaction.

8 Sample of Online Reporting

9 Want to Start Your Own ATM Business? We supply everything you need to be successful in your own ATM business No franchise fees No prior knowledge necessary 24-hour customer support Online access Your success is our guaranteed!

10 Marc Lewis CEO/Founder Phone: 602.253.9544 Toll Free: (800) 797-3147 Web: Email:

11 ATM Options Also Offers Credit Card Processing DIAL-UP TERMINAL WIRELESS TERMINAL

12 Cost Plus Wholesale Pricing All types of VISA and MasterCard processing at wholesale cost, instead of retail rates No long term contracts Only 60-day notice to cancel Free equipment with qualified volume New customers have saved thousands in fees Gift card programs available

13 Use Your Cell Phone or Computer as a Processing Terminal An efficient way to accept credit cards No need to purchase additional equipment Perfect for trade shows, service companies, and flea markets Ask us about all of the ways we can help process credit card transactions

14 Small Business Credit Lines and Cash Advances Borrow against your Visa and MasterCard volume Easy application process Four month to one-year repayment term Easy electronic repayment plan Borrow up to $500,000 Low credit scores not a problem Less interest then borrowing against your home

15 Marc Lewis CEO/Founder Phone: 602.253.9544 Toll Free: (800) 797-3147 Web: Email:

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