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2 Use auxiliary verbs (do, have, etc.) or modal verbs (can, must, etc.)…

3 1. In short answers, instead of answering just Yes/No.

4 Do you speak French? Yes, I ___ . Quite well.

5 2. To avoid repeating the main verb/verb phrase:

6 I like dogs but my husband ______.
Jim’s coming but Anna ________.

7 3. With So and Neither to say that something is the same.

8 Use So + aux + Subject after a positive verb.
Use Neither (or Nor) + aux + Subject after a negative verb.

9 I loved the film. So ____ I - I haven’t finished yet. Neither _____ I. He’s a doctor and so _____ his wife.

10 4. To make ‘echo questions’, to show interest in what someone is saying. The auxiliary is stressed and the intonation rises.

11 - I went to a psychic yesterday.
– _____ you? - I’ll make the dinner. – _____ you? That’s great!

12 5. To show emphasis in a positive sentence
5. To show emphasis in a positive sentence. This is used to contradict what someone has said or to emphasize a point.

13 With the present/past simple, add do/does/did before the main verb.
With other auxiliaries stress the auxiliary verb.

14 - You didn’t lock the door!
- I ___ lock it, I promise! Silvia isn’t coming. She ___ coming. I’ve just spoken to her.

15 6. To make question tags. Use a positive question tag with a negative verb: I’m not late, am I? Use a negative question tag with a positive verb: He’s French, isn’t he?

16 They are used to ask another person to agree with you:
It’s a nice day, isn’t it? or to check something you think is true: She’s a painter, isn’t she?

17 You won’t forget, _________?
Your wife can speak Italian, _________?

18 'He's bought the tickets, _______he?' 'Yes, I think so.'
2. I enjoyed the film, but Helen _________ . 3. 'You're our new neighbour, ________ you?' 'Yes, I am.' 4. Millie's got a cold and so ________ Josef. 5. I haven't spoken to him and neither _______ Sean. 6. 'You didn't feed the dog!' 'That's not true. I ________feed him!' 7. 'You don't like maths much, _______ you?' 'No, not really.' 8. 'I wouldn't mind a cup of tea.' 'Neither __________ I'.

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