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Introduction Updates & Reminders Telephone Directory Impact of Consolidations on Websites.

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2 Introduction Updates & Reminders Telephone Directory Impact of Consolidations on Websites


4 Due to issues with USA Search, we have purchased Google Search Appliance (GSA) It will be available for use by all websites hosted at DOIT We expect to have it installed by the end of the month and we will pilot it first with a couple of agencies. We already have one volunteer. If you have been having significant issues with the current search and would like to be a part of the pilot, stop by after the meeting

5 We are researching the best way to integrate the search in DSF. We will provide more information on the process to change over to Google after we get the pilot agencies up and running

6 Web FileManager Issue – Java Version 6 Update 21

7 IE 8 Issues Cimbrian provided Editor fix for IE7 & IE9 Still IE 8 issues with new Editor – Updating content from code side Testing HTML Editor with IE7 & IE9 – IE9 requires Windows 7 OS Roll-out HTML Editor Update to HTML Editor will require downloading Active X control. Users without administrative permission on their PC will need to involve their desktop support. We will provide detailed instructions prior to the update

8 Web FileManager Upgrade We successfully changed the Web FileManager over to a Storage Area Network (SAN) We’re looking to ways to improve the length of time it takes to open the Web FileManager Agencies should not use the Web FileManager for archiving old files. They should be removed from the server when they are no longer linked to the public

9 The process to select a standard for a Web Content Management System began earlier this year as part of the Enterprise Architecture Standards Process (EASP) Please Note: There is no funding at this time so we are only selecting a standard

10 A Request for Information (RFI) was released March 30, 2011 We received responses from by 10 vendors The work group has reviewed the responses and will be bringing vendors in for demonstrations during July and August

11 DOIT has purchased one full license of JAWS for accessibility testing purposes It will be installed on a PC at DOIT and available for administrators to use for testing Please fill out a work request if you are interested in setting up a date/time to use the software

12 PMG is now performing basic DSF training for new users We are scheduling one class a month using DOIT’s Computer Training Room The classes are geared for new users or those that haven’t used the system in a long time and need a refresher If you have Content Admins who need this training, please submit a work request

13 If you or your staff need advanced training (beyond the class offered), submit a Work Request, and we will schedule this on an as needed basis Please note that our availability for these advanced training sessions may be limited due to other projects and deadlines

14 Google Analytics Google Analytics has been running successfully since the beginning of 2011 If you haven’t added the GA code to non-Portal sites, you should do so as soon as possible If you missed the Google Analytics Training Session and are interested in attending one, please sign up on your way out today – We’d like to know if there is enough interest to schedule another session

15 Webtrends has been running in parallel with Google Analytics We plan to begin the phase out of the WebTrends service in July We will stop analyzing Portal sites first, followed by non-Portal and supporting sites All existing information analyzed will still be available – It is NOT being deleted

16 V4 Template Upgrades 38 primary agency websites, not impacted by consolidations, have been upgraded Upgrading consolidating sites next Once all complete, will work on enhancements and sites that were initially out of scope For more information on the V4 templates, go to the “Webmaster Information” section of the CPI website at


18 PMG took over the directory in May 2010 We were not given a list of agency contacts so we’ve been trying to develop one If you want to link to it on your site, go to the listing you want to include and add “?deptid=XXX” - XXX is the agency code in CORE. Contact for your agency =1540&q=465082 =1540&q=465082

19 Telephone Directory (cont) We’ve created a new telephone directory section on DOITServices website (ip filtered site) Provides basic information on how the directory is updated and screen shots to assist administrators =1540&q=465082 =1540&q=465082


21 We are still waiting for a final list of consolidating agencies approved for July 1 PMG is upgrading primary sites to the V4 tempalte in June (DCP, DECD, OPM, and SDE) The Governor’s Office will be working with OPM to provide guidance

22 Consolidation – Next Steps On July 1 - a message will be added to the home page of every site impacted by the consolidations July-August - PMG will be working with agencies that are being consolidated to update to the V4 template

23 Links or logos on your site to an agency that will be changing its name need to be updated PMG is expecting to be very busy on the consolidations through July. Please limit requests to those that cannot wait.


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