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Your online classroom. Powerhouse Campus o Custom Class dashboards o Links with Moodle, Studywiz, Bb, ClickView & all web apps o Links your school library.

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1 Your online classroom

2 Powerhouse Campus o Custom Class dashboards o Links with Moodle, Studywiz, Bb, ClickView & all web apps o Links your school library and digital resources o Online access to curriculum, newsletters, reports, attendance, calendars... o Pages for students, teachers, coaches, admin and parents o Custom widgets to add functionality and integration o Secure school / home access

3 Connecting your school community

4 Powerhouse Campus My Class and My Activity Pages My Dashboard

5 Customise My Dashboard

6 Powerhouse Campus Login

7 Customise My Dashboard Your School Logo Your Reminders Edit your details Help Topics My Dashboard Home

8 My Dashboard Menu

9 Teacher Dashboard Classes Menu Provides a personal dashboard with links to a teacher’s timetabled classes

10 Teacher Dashboard Activities Menu Provides a link to all co-curricular Activity Pages

11 Teacher Dashboard Bookmarks Menu Provides a link to all bookmarked Class and Activity Pages

12 Primary Teacher Dashboard Menu Provides a personal dashboard with links to a Primary teacher’s class

13 Teacher Dashboard Menu Automated stream of due tasks in date order Calendar My Notes News My Documents Search teacher document database

14 Dashboard Calendar My Calendar features: Homework task links Key event links Add and view tasks Add and view events Integrate with Outlook and other calendars View by day | week | month View as chronological event or task list Filter by homework | task | event

15 Dashboard My Notes My Notes features: Add personal notes to your dashboard Add text, images, Flash files, links, tables and objects Secure access from school and home

16 Dashboard News My News features: View news added by administration, office and timetabling staff View latest School Announcements View Staff Notices View Daily Notices Add a Staff Notice Add a Daily Notice Notices uploaded instantly

17 Dashboard My Documents My Documents features: View Teacher Shared Files that have been added by admin staff Access to a personal document storage – My Briefcase Add unlimited Folders to My Briefcase Add Files to My Briefcase for home | school access Document storage quota set by IT staff

18 Powerhouse Campus My Class Pages

19 Class Pages Teacher Dashboard

20 Class Pages Calendar Function

21 Class Pages Homework Function

22 Class Pages Forum Function

23 Class Pages Homework Function

24 Class Pages Dropbox Function

25 Assignment Dropbox Teachers can: view or download student work download zipped files of all class assignments add comments on work add quick marks, grades or comments close dropbox choose to Mark Assignments

26 Teachers can: select Browse... to upload corrected student responses upload corrected individual or the entire assignment files add comments if a mark has not been added view uncorrected assignments in dropbox Assignment Dropbox

27 Parent View Via the portal, parents will be able to access their child’s page to: View the archive of corrected assignments Read the comments that relate to each assignment View the marks or grades for each submission Download and review corrected assignment (not marked as private)

28 Class Pages Web Links Function

29 Class Pages Announcements

30 Add Class Page Content with Widgets Add content to your Class Page by selecting Add Widget

31 Powerhouse Campus Widgets Widgets include: Audio Blog e-Learning Platform Google Accounts Image Showcase Learning Object Library Catalogue Library databases News

32 Powerhouse Campus Widgets Widgets include: Text and Images Social Networks Video Video Showcase Weather Web links Windows Live Skype for schools Custom widgets

33 Adding Content to Class Pages

34 Teacher Class Pages Class Pages feature: Access to all classes Add a Text and Image Widget to add content to the top of the page Add other widgets for custom functionality Access to calendar, homework, forums, assignment dropbox, web links & announcements

35 Student Dashboard

36 A personal dashboard with links to the student’s timetabled classes and due tasks

37 Student Dashboard A personal dashboard with links to the student’s co-curricular activities

38 Student Dashboard The student can search and add classes from lower or higher year levels to assist with their learning support or extension programs

39 Student Class Pages

40 Class Pages feature a searchable document repository: Class Files: Upload files and documents to share with students and teachers My Backpack: Upload personal files or documents that are not visible to other students OR A link directly to the teachers and students networked drives

41 Student View Students can: submit assignments submit multiple documents as part of one assignment add comments as part of their submission see previous comments and submissions use the privacy function to stop parents from viewing assignments

42 Parent / Carer Dashboard

43 News | Reports | Children | Calendar | My Documents | School Contacts

44 Parent Dashboard


46 Parent Dashboard Features: Links to your child’s class and activity pages Class and daily notices Current homework calendars Upcoming events Academic Reports Newsletter downloads School Announcements Document search School quick links e-Forms iPhone and mobile access

47 Administration Dashboard


49 Importing Your School Data

50 Managing Classes and Activities

51 Managing Users

52 Managing File Shares

53 Managing Forums

54 Managing Messages

55 Managing Contacts

56 Managing Dashboards

57 Manage Settings

58 School Board Portal

59 Access and Installation

60 Powerhouse Campus acer Server Plug ‘n Play Solution Powerhouse Campus pre- installed on Acer’s AT310 F1 server Plug and play on your school network Use wizard to import data from your school admin system Hardware supported by Acer Powerhouse Campus software supported by Mediasphere Web server delivers secure home | school access

61 Acer Server, Hosted or your current Server Flexible Access Options 1. Powerhouse Campus installed on the new ACER server range 2.Powerhouse Campus delivered as a hosted solution 3.Powerhouse Campus installed on your own web server

62 Free Trial Register

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