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●June 17 th, 2014 08:15 AM – 09:15 AM ●Barry Phelps ●Support Engineer – ArtiosCAD Esko FlexNet Licensing.

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1 ●June 17 th, 2014 08:15 AM – 09:15 AM ●Barry Phelps ●Support Engineer – ArtiosCAD Esko FlexNet Licensing

2 2 FlexNet licensing AC-50Licensing Barry Phelps, Support Engineer CAD, Esko-Graphics Confused by the FlexNet licensing system we use at Esko? This question-and-answer class will help you understand how to request, download, and install a FlexNet license for ArtiosCAD and other Esko software products.

3 3 FlexNet licensing ●First and foremost, website is always the first place to go for the knowledge database, licensing, documentation, downloads and release information anytime you need it ●Esko Support can be reached at 800.743.7131 ●This presentation will cover basic and advanced FlexNet concepts –“A little bit of know-how for everyone”

4 4 FlexNet licensing ●Basic concepts for FlexNet

5 5 Licensing concepts for previous versions and FlexNet ●Previous licensing methods: –Parallel/USB keys using tuneopt license files –ELAN Network licensing –Sentinel software licensing (Local and Network) ●Which licensing system works with what version of ArtiosCAD? –ArtiosCAD V740 and earlier uses the previous types –ArtiosCAD V760 or higher can use FlexNet type licenses or previous –ArtiosCAD V12.X and higher can only use FlexNet type licenses ●What does the license method screen look like?

6 6 Basic FlexNet licensing concepts ●What is FlexNet licensing? ●Description –Software based licensing system (No physical hardware required) –Two types, Local or Network based licensing ●Software based licensing is beneficial because… –No more lost or broke keys, licenses are easily viewed, highly portable, easily add more modules, multiple OS compatible and works with virtualized systems. ●Local and Network licensing –A local license is not shared with any other system not –A network license can be shared with any system on the local area network but not on a wide area network

7 7 Basic FlexNet licensing concepts Continued… ●Time limited (Local or Network based) –Time limited license are used for key exchanges (90 days with no extensions) or consignment/evaluation of software or modules –Quick note on license exchanges, when returning the physical key to Esko licensing, please remember to insure each key shipped for $500.00 as loss protection, Esko can not replace lost keys because of a shipper’s issue. –Nothing to return afterwards and a reminder will appear (Maybe a Outlook reminder?) ●Permanent license (Local or Network based) –Do not have a time limit or expiration date and are non-transferrable without prior authorization from Esko ●FlexNet licensing considerations –Using RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) to connect with a system across the network using local FlexNet will disable the licensing –Network licenses are visible only to the local network, network licenses are site specific, not company wide –Deactivating individual product keys and not the entire license/entitlement, will cause upgrades to fail at a later date

8 8 Basic FlexNet licensing concepts ●What is the FlexNet license file? –FlexNet license file (Also called an Entitlement) can be opened in any internet browser (Firefox, IE, Chrome, …) –Why?, because it is a HTML formatted file type ●Local versus Network licenses – Use a internet browser to open the file and view the contents of the file

9 9 Basic FlexNet licensing ●Creating an Esko licensing activation account –If you have to activate an FlexNet license, you will need a Esko licensing account –3 types of Esko accounts: License, Download and Portal ●After submitting the account information, a notification email will be sent to the provided email address. ●If you have not received an email within a short amount of time, please contact Esko Support to activate the account.

10 10 ●License manager tools, activate/deactivate/delete/repair ●Off line – What is this used for? ●Can I remove the license file after activation? Basic FlexNet licensing ●How to Activate your FlexNet licensing (After receiving account notifcaton) ●Always try to use “On line”, “Have a file containing product keys” ●Remember your account name and password, if you have physical media, place a note in with the media that contains account and password. If you retain the installation media on the network, adding in a “READ-ME FIRST” text file could be useful

11 11 Basic FlexNet licensing ●How to Deactivate your FlexNet licensing ●Always try to use “On line” ●You do not need your account name and password

12 12 FlexNet licensing ●Discussing examples of some concerns with licensing ●If a incident number is given during activation –Record the number, call support to determine the root cause ●Obsoleted licenses –Cannot be activated, to verify, call Esko Support ●Currently 20 systems on FNO local, all activate but 2 upgrades fail – why? –Incomplete entitlement, obsoleted license, wrong system ●Activated a upgrade license on new system but fails – why? –Not activating upgrade license on old system first then moving licenses ●What to do if system crashes/dies/wiped clean – call Esko Support ●Activation fails on a newly created system –License was activated already –Characters used in the Computer’s HostName Make sure your computer name only contains regular ASCII characters Do not use accented letters like “ü” or any special characters “’,!@#$%^&*()+=<>: ●Upgrade license fails –Parting out product keys from the original license/ entitlement

13 13 FlexNet licensing ●Advanced concepts for FlexNet

14 14 Advanced FlexNet licensing Function Keys used in License Managers Shows the version of the Esko License Manager you are using F1 (Windows) or fn+F1 (Mac OS X), Allows you to see if a license for a particular module is available (For example: a license for a trapping module). ●F4 (Windows) or fn+F4 (Mac OS X) F5 (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac OS X), Refreshes the licenses list, you will only need to do this in specific cases as the licenses list normally auto-refreshes.

15 15 –And the dialog boxes will show a slightly different messages if an issue is encountered… Advanced FlexNet licensing ●Just a quick view of the FlexNet network license manager –Very similar, with just a few differences…

16 16 FlexNet licensing Diagram of network licensing and local licenses

17 17 FlexNet licensing ●The License Manager activation wizard/assistant creates a log file for every session. The log file is saved in the following folders: ●Mac OS –[user]/Library/Logs/Esko_Server_License_Manager_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.log ●Windows OS –[user]\esko\Esko_Server_License_Manager_yyyymmdd_hhmmss.log “Wed May 21 15:23:38 2014 StartUp Esko Local License Manager 12.1.2 Build 34 Wed May 21 15:26:32 2014 Shutdown”

18 18 FlexNet licensing ●And as a reminder, is always the first place to go, knowledge database, licensing, documentation, downloads and release information ●This presentation will be posted along the PowerPoint presentations ●Thank you for your time…

19 19 This is 2014

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