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Power. Jess, Tarji & Torin.. Define the words dictator, tyrant and totalitarian. Explain how they can be applied to the story and the characters in it.

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1 Power. Jess, Tarji & Torin.

2 Define the words dictator, tyrant and totalitarian. Explain how they can be applied to the story and the characters in it. – Dictator - A ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force. – A person who tells people what to do in an autocratic way or who determines behaviour in a particular sphere. – Tyrant - A cruel and oppressive ruler. – A person exercising power or control in a cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary way. – Totalitarian - Of or relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. Mr. Jones is seen as a dictator because hes drunk and doesn’t care about the animals. And shows no care to the animals in certain situations, he doesn’t milk the cows and forgets to feed them. Napoleon is seen as a dictator, tyrant and totalitarian because when he gets all the animals to confess he threatens the animals and tells them that he’ll kill them, hes very cruel to the animals and tries to boss them around.

3 In your opinion, which characters in the novel are powerful? What kind of power do they have? Napoleon is very powerful because he tells all the animals what to do, and treats them like slaves. He also treats himself by getting more food and drink and not sharing with any of the other animals. He doesn’t treat them equal. He rules them by “fear” by telling them if they break the seven commandants he’ll kill them. Squealer was very powerful in his own way because he was giving all the speeches and using propaganda to persuade the animals when something bad has happened. Also he made the animals Napoleon’s slave giving detailed speeches that state he is the best and worlds greatest leader. Also is very equal and runs the farm as everyone in equality. Squealer also uses confusing words because the animals don’t understand what they mean, and the animals get embarrassed because they don’t want any of the animals to think there not intelligent, and the animals just agree to what squealer says. As well as this squealer uses fake facts which the animals believe, this isn’t being truthful to the animals but they believe squealer because they think he’s being honest to them. And he calls the animals comrades because there all friends, and that there all as one big group and that they care abut each other.

4 How does privately educating the puppies help the pigs in gaining power? This can help by giving security to Napoleon, Also the dogs are vicious and this allows power to the pigs and also makes the animals fear which can allow Napoleon and Squealer to patronise them. Making the pigs powerful. Squealer tells the pigs that there the clever ones on the fair and they need somewhere quiet to stay, so they sleep in the house. Also Napoleon gets the puppies to attack boxer when he starts questioning about snowball and he gets the puppies to chase snowball away, even though snowball hasn’t done anything wrong, napoleon just didn’t want snowball to have all the power and it seemed that he was jealous of him.

5 Do the pigs deserve to be the most powerful animals? No because the pigs haven't been loyal and truthful to what they said in the first meeting with all the animals, so I don’t think that they deserve to be leaders. They also broke all the seven commandments which was made in the first meeting by Old Major, and the animals should have been loyal and trustworthy to the rest of the animals because there supposed to be ‘comrades’, a big group of friends.

6 Do those with power use it well or do they use it badly? Explain your answers. They use there powers badly because, they haven’t agreed on what old major said in the beginning of the play. And they haven’t been truthful or loyal to the result of the animals, so they don’t use it for any good use. Although some of the animals, Boxer didn’t break the rules. He just got sent to be slaughtered. Napoleon wanted to change the commandments because then he could get away with everything and the animals would put there trust in napoleon and just believe anything he says because hes like there ruler and they don’t want to get on the wrong side of him.

7 How does squealer use language to make himself powerful? He talks to the animals by using propaganda because they aren’t educated so they believe anything that squealer will say because, they’d be embarrassed to ask what it means. So the animals just agree to what squealer says because they aren’t intelligent like him, and feel intimidated by squealer because he talks to them like they understand what he’s talking about.

8 Explain how Napoleon keeps his power, making reference to controlling the food in the Chapter 2, the removal of democracy, the use of terror and the role of education. Napoleon gives the pigs all the food because they are more intelligent, so they’re taking advantage of everyone just because their more intelligent than all the other animals. Also all the animals on the farm believe that the pigs are capable of making the farm better if they have more resources.

9 How does the behavior of the pigs differ to Old Major’s ideas for the revolution? Old majors idea for the revolution was to make sure everyone was treated equal and friends. Where as Napoleon and the pigs disagreed to old majors idea because they wanted the animals to be classed in cleverness and who’s more useful to the farm. ‘And among us animals let there be perfect unity, perfect comradeship in the struggle. All men are enemies. And all animals are comrades.’

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