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Welcome. I am so excited to meet you all. Please do the following: 1

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1 Welcome. I am so excited to meet you all. Please do the following: 1
Welcome! I am so excited to meet you all! Please do the following: 1. Take one of each paper on the back counter. 2. Find your child's seat. 3. Enjoy the letter they wrote you and write something back to them on the back. 4. Start to fill out the parent information paper. 5. Please take a treat from the back table  Thanks! Mrs. Krasselt

2 Welcome to Back-to-School Night! Erica Krasselt Tara Grike

3 Room 214’s Schedule 8:00-8:30 Morning Meeting 8:30-10:00 Math
10:00-10:15 Snack 10:15-11:00 Specials 11:00-11:45 Language Arts 11:45-12:30 Daily 5 12:30-1:15 Writing 1:15-1:55 Lunch/Recess 2:00-2:45 Science 2:45-3:15 Wilson/SSR/Daily 5 3:15-3:45 Dismissal

4 Room 214’s Specials Schedule
Monday PE/Health Mr. Kubala Tuesday Spanish Sra. Capps Wednesday Computers Mrs. McGreevey Thursday Art Ms. Phillips Friday Music Ms. Windle

5 Classroom Rules 1. Be respectful to everyone and everything.
2. Do Not talk when others are talking. 3. No bullying and always show kindness. 4. Follow directions the 1st time given. 5. Be responsible and try your best! Created by students in room 214

6 Classroom Consequences
Warning Lose 5 minutes of recess Lose entire recess Silent snack/dismissal Thinking paper to be signed by student, teacher, and parent Parent contact (note home, phone call, ) Before/After school detention Written apology Meeting with student’s parent

7 How to Contact Me… Erica Krasselt
Send notes Homework book School phone Erica Krasselt Phone: ext. 214 Tara Grike Phone: ext. 53o

8 Notes to the Teacher Please bring in notes for: *Early dismissals *Change of transportation *Absences *Missing after school clubs

9 Math Curriculum Place Value and Rounding
Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction Multiplication Division with 1 digit numbers Elapsed Time Operations with Money Geometry Understanding Fractions Units of Measurement (Metric & Customary) Data, graphs, and Probability Problem Solving

10 Language Arts New Houghton Mifflin Reading Series, Trade Books, Poetry
Sequencing- order of story events Connect – Looking for ways to connect the text to self, another text, or the world. Predict – Use evidence to anticipate what will happen next in the text. Question – Asking questions to clarify. Visualize – Creating a picture in your mind. Summarize – Identifying important information briefly. Reading Critically – Making Inferences Drawing Conclusions Comparing and Contrasting Noting Details

11 Scholastic Book Orders
Reading for fun is a crucial part of becoming a self-learner. Book orders can encourage this! You can either order online or by sending the order form and a check to me. Teacher code:

12 Writing Curriculum Focus Content Organization Style Conventions
Spelling Grammar and Mechanics **Writings are graded based on a rubric.

13 Types of Writing Expository – explain Narrative – tell a story
Descriptive – Use vivid details Persuasive-to attempt to change point of view Poetry Journal writing

14 Humanities Communities Regions of the United States Immigration
Westward Expansion Current Events

15 Science Measurement Water Cycle (Weather) Solar System

16 Other Important Information
Snack time We have a 15 minute snack break every morning at 10:00. Please provide your child with a healthy snack each day.  Water only for drinks, please.   Our lunch time is not until 1:15 P.M.  It is a very long morning and we are all working hard! Bedtime Please be sure that your child gets to bed early each night.  Children of this age group require about 10 hours of sleep. A regular bedtime is a good habit that will demonstrate to your child that school is important!  Breakfast Starting off the day with a healthy breakfast is another way to ensure your child’s success in school.  They will feel more energized and ready to face the day with a full stomach. Room Temperature The temperature in our room tends to fluctuate. If a student is cold, they must wear the School Lane uniform sweater over their uniform shirt. Students may not wear a non-uniform sweater or sweatshirt. They may wear a long sleeve shirt under the uniform shirt. Other Important Information

17 Dress Code On gym days, students must wear gray or black shorts or sweatpants (do not have to have SLCS logo). Students need to wear a SLCS logo t-shirt or sweatshirt. Students also need to wear sneakers. On any day, if a student does not follow dress code regulations, they will be sent to the office to call home for a change of clothing.

18 Friday Folder Every Friday this folder will come home with your student with the items I have graded that week. Please take the graded work and keep it with you unless otherwise indicated or you have a question about something. Then sign and date the sheet and return it with the folder Monday. If you do have a question or comment about a piece of work please write the question or comment in the space provided and send the piece back so I can take a look. Thanks! My goal is to hand back work quickly but there may be times when I am unable to send the folder on Friday—if this happens I will send a notice home in your student’s planner. I will then send the folders home Monday.

19 Homework Policy Spelling and Math homework will be checked daily for completion If a student is missing homework they will fill out a homework excuse slip that will be signed by the student, teacher and parent

20 IB Learner Profile As a part of the new IB program the Middle School has adopted, the entire school is beginning to teach students the Learner Profile. We will be studying and applying a word a week. How you can help?: Ask your child about the word of the week and talk about ways they can apply it. Thanks!!!



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