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UAV’s: Planes of the New Millennium

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1 UAV’s: Planes of the New Millennium
October 18, 2003 Cdt. Jonathan Kim UCI

2 Contents Introduction / History Purpose Advantages vs. Disadvantages
The Predator Conclusion

3 Introduction What is a UAV? Fully Operational System
Unmanned Air Vehicle (designed for observation) Remote-controlled aircraft (by pre-programmed computers) Used by all branches of military Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (designed for attacking enemy targets) Fully Operational System Aircraft Ground Control System (GCS) Satellite Link (communication) 50+ personnel for continuous 24-hour operations First returnable and reusable UAV was flown on September 1932 Britain’s “Fairey Queen”; as a target drone for military’s anti-aircraft weapons

4 Used for reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance
Can attain a speed of Mach-4 Long extended aerial coverage Some 50 universities, companies, and government organizations involved Over 155 different designs US Military alone operates more than 510 UAV’s today

5 Purpose ( WHY? ) AF needed a more cost-effective way to utilize their Hellfire missiles Cost for manned aircraft was expensive Without pilots, it opened up more options More capabilities Technology: Lighter, faster, etc. Requirements for pilots not needed Inexpensive

6 Advantages vs. Disadvantages
Light-weight 2,500 lbs compared to an F-16 (27,000 lbs) Inexpensive 50% less for production 50% less to maintain and operate Up to $14 mill. While manned aircraft costs up to $500 mill Unmanned – no life at risk Can fly for 20 hours Fuel-efficient Allows them to stay in the air for 20 hours Disadvantages Maneuverability Environmental restrictions to flight

7 Types of UAV’s




11 The Predator

12 The Predator Primary Function Engine Weight Deployed: Equipped with:
Surveillance, Intelligence, Reconnaissance Engine 4-cylinder; 81hp Weight 1,130 lbs Deployed: First flew in 1994 Operations over Bosnia Over 600 missions for NATO, UN, US Operation Iraqi Freedom Equipped with: Color nose camera (generally used for flight control) Infrared camera for low light/night Synthetic aperture radar for looking through smoke, clouds, or haze

13 Conclusion Introduction Why were UAV’s wanted/used?
UVA’s have proven to be a major advancement in air power Does not put pilots lives at risk More capable than manned aircraft Inexpensive Why were UAV’s wanted/used? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages? What is the Predator?


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