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Concord 4 Product Overview

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1 Concord 4 Product Overview

2 Concord 4 Zones 96 Partitions 6 Bus Devices 16 Users 230

3 Concord 4

4 Panels Concord 4 600-1021-95R Concord 4 Commercial 600-1040
Concord 4 is available as an Integrated RF panel only accepting up to 96 zones

5 RF Receivers RF Receivers are added to increase RF range of the system
Up to 4 RF Receivers can be added to a Concord 4 system All RF Receivers are maximum zone count SuperBus 2000 RF Receiver – R-01 SuperBus 2000 RF Transceiver – R

6 Power Transformers Standard Class II 16.5 VAC, 40 VA – 600-1023
Power Line Carrier – (required for X-10) Standard Class II Canada – CN Aux. Power SuperBus Amp Power Supply

7 SuperBus 2000 Modules (16 total)
RF Receiver R RF Transceiver R Voice Only Module Phone Interface/Voice Module 8Z Input Module 4-Relay Output Module Cellular Backup Module Energy Saver Module Automation Module Wireless Gateway 2 Amp Power Supply Interrogator 2000 AVM (not a Bus device)

8 Touchpads – All Bus Devices
Fixed English Display (60-820) 2X16 LCD ATP 2600 2X20 VFD Display ( ) Touch screen GTS 50 2X16 LCD ATP 2100 2X16 LCD Display ( ) 2X20 LCD Display ( ) LCD Display ATP 1000

9 SnapCards (1 per system)
Input SnapCard – Combo SnapCard – Output SnapCard – Power Line Carrier Card – not required Phone Line Monitor Card – not required

10 New Features Partition Control Random AC Fail Reporting
Select if a code is required for jumping partitions Select which partitions are armed/disarmed with a single entry Random AC Fail Reporting VOX Two-Way Voice Capability Silent Touchpad Panic

11 New Features Supports 2 Automation Modules
New Quick Programming Option 8 + Installer Code + 03 Account Number, CS Phone, Learn Sensor Accessible from Fixed English Touchpad Sleep Time Option

12 New Features Macro Keys Available on ATP 2100 and 2600 Touchpads
Each Partition can accept up to 4 Macros Macros can execute a system command up to 14 key presses in length

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