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Technology Professional Development New Employee Orientation- August 2009.

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1 Technology Professional Development New Employee Orientation- August 2009

2 Professional Development Center Instructional Technology –Technology Trainers Professional Development Inservice Library Media Services –Library Media Specialists Santa Rosa District Web

3 PDC Facilities Two 24-station Technology Training Labs at Milton PDC One 24-station South Training Lab at Woodlawn Beach Middle School Full-Service TV Studio Classroom Teacher Production Room Two TSAs/Trainers

4 Production Room Copier Laminating Machines Ellison Machine Book Binders Paper Cutters Poster Printer

5 Professional Development Website Teacher Resources Online Courses ERO

6 Professional Development Professional Development Folder National Professional Development Standards State Professional Development Standards –Data Driven Student Achievement Teacher Certification Needs School Improvement Needs

7 Professional Teaching Certificate Five year renewal period = 120 points –Inservice hours (1 point per 1 hour of seat time) –College coursework (two 3-hour courses = 120 points) –Certification test (60 points per test) Call the Human Resources office before registering for any course or applying for a certification test

8 Temporary Certificate Valid for three school years Nonrenewable Provides time to complete all requirements for a Professional Certificate while teaching full-time No inservice points accrue except: –ESOL –Reading Endorsement –Valid only first recertification time - 5 years

9 ESOL and Reading Endorsement Teachers with temporary certificates can only carry points forward into their first certification period. –Must be used the first time certifying. Previously certified teachers may bank through two certification periods.

10 Inservice Points Transfer Employment change within Florida districts –Contact the Inservice Office to initiate process, or –Write a letter of request to the Inservice Office, or –Have appropriate personnel in new district write or call the Inservice Office to initiate the process

11 Training Opportunities District and Site-based Face-to-Face Technology Integration Peer Coaches Mentor Teachers Reading Coaches District Specialists Out-of-district trainers AIS Math Coaches

12 Online Training Opportunities Inservice Representative support District-developed courses BEACON Other (use voucher), e.g., college courses

13 Additional Training Video Streaming Learning Communities Action Research Out of District Conferences/Workshops –Document with an Inservice voucher

14 Technology No Expectations of Privacy –As educators, we are held to a higher duty of care in the use of technology. –Your teacher station has been provided by the school district for the purpose of conducting school business.

15 Telecommunication Policy Internet and Email Liability –Viewed at school site each year –Sign documentation Employee Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) General Internet Policies Email Retention and Archiving

16 Student Acceptable Use Policy Computer and Internet use must be supervised. The AUP is required for all students. Minors must not sign the AUP. Student AUP status information must be available to all staff. No AUP required for students for –Teacher demonstration –Internet-based educational software

17 Technology Contact Setup email account Install software Troubleshoot district-owned hardware Serve as district go-between

18 Always be professional when using the computer, email, and the Web.

19 Electronic Registrar Online Electronic tool Anytime/anywhere access Registrations for all non-school-based training Training video and user manual

20 Using ERO Demonstration of ERO Santa Rosa County web site –ERO link will be on the left side –User ID = Employee ID Last 4 digits of SSN, birth month, birth date and zero (9 digits in all) –Pin Number = Number you select –Organization ID number = 57000

21 Email – Webmail – Internet DONT use district email for personal reasons. DO include a subject. DONT open spam. DO archive email regularly. DONT email when you are angry.

22 Email Public Record –Outlook at work/Webmail at home –Must be archived for a minimum of 3 years –Archiving guide on district Documents and Forms web page

23 Microsoft Outlook Used for all work email Only works at work No expectation of privacy No personal use Archive using county guide

24 Webmail Access email at home Link on District home page Secret logo shortcut County username and password required

25 District Resources Video Requests – PDC web siteVideo Requests World Book Online Thomson Gale databases and LitFinderThomson Gale LitFinder NewsBank New Employee Orientation –

26 Other District Resources DP Technical Support PDC Documents and Forms –Approved Alternate Web Host List PDC Teacher Web Resources –Popular and vetted Safety –i-Safe Student/Parent Resources –i-Safe web site i-Learn curriculum

27 Have a great school year!

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