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Michigan National Guard

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1 Michigan National Guard
State Tuition Assistance Program

2 STAP Highlights Administered through DMVA-State Operations Office
Appropriated $4,742,100 in FY 15 State legislature appropriates funds annually. Assistance is awarded based on the availability of funds. Reimbursement program Authorized uses: Vocational training programs, Certificate programs, Associates, Bachelors, Masters or first professional degree Can be used alongside Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA), the Post 9-11 GI Bill and the Pell Grant but cannot exceed 100% of the cost of tuition and eligible fees. FTA payments must be applied prior to STAP. ROTC scholarships applied against tuition will be calculated first 2 2

3 Eligibility Requirements
Active drilling members in "Good Standing" with Michigan Army & Air National Guard Enlisted (E1-E9), Officers (O1-O5) and Warrant Officers (WO1-CW5); Air Guard Trainee awaiting Basic or Technical Training assignment and ROTC Cadets contracted under the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) “Eligible educational institution” which means a public or private college, university, vocational school, technical school, or trade school located in the State of Michigan Courses taken online or on a campus at any eligible institution located in Michigan, or off-duty courses taken through the Air University are eligible “Course of study” means an individual class, or group of classes, in which an eligible person is enrolled for the purpose of obtaining a not-yet-completed certificate, associate, bachelor, master or professional degree Expiration of Term of Service (ETS) or Mandatory Retirement Date (MRD) must occur after the official last day of class 3 3

4 Assistance Part-time or full-time students
Undergraduate or graduate Studies, Certificate programs Up to $4,500 per academic year which includes 100% of eligible fees at an eligible institution $250 per semester hour $167 per quarter hour $16.66 per clock hour Up to 144 credits for an Undergraduate degree lifetime cap Up to 42 credits for a Graduate degree lifetime cap Continuing Education courses are not eligible Incomplete, dropped or failed courses are ineligible for reimbursement; STAP will not pay for the same course twice regardless of the grade received Grade report and final fee statement must be received at the end of the course to initiate the payment process.  Once passing grades have been certified, payments are then disbursed to the service member   4 4

5 How To Apply Service members must apply for STAP through up to 60 days before and no later than 14 days after the course start date Exceptions are being made for Fall 2014 due to delays in program start-up An Application Checklist for all required documents is available Service members must submit a signed Statement of Understanding (SOU) with each application. Soldiers do not need their commander's signature. By signing the SOU document they agree to the terms of the STAP. Airmen must have their commander's signature in addition to their own STAP is requested by term and reimbursed on a course-by-course basis The service member will be notified whether their application is approved or not. If the request is denied, the service member will be notified of the reason why and next steps STAP must be notified in writing of all drops/withdrawals. Service members who do not successfully complete a class will not be reimbursed. Service members who are unable to successfully complete a class due to military reasons must request an exception to policy STAP will issue a written funding authorization letter to the student 5 5

6 Payment Process Final fee statement - Must be dated after course completion and provided by the institution. It must clearly show the amount of tuition charged and must include all other benefits paid, or pending payment, directly to the institution on the Service Member’s behalf. If the fee statement does not clearly show the amount of tuition charged or other federal payments, the student must obtain a letter from the institution that includes this information and lists a point of contact at the institution Grades - Student must achieve a letter grade of “C” or better, “Pass” or “Satisfactory” and maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 or better on a 4.0 scale. STAP will not reimburse for any course(s) from which the student has withdrawn or received a failing grade. Vocational, technical or trade school - must submit the pass/fail documentation or a certificate of completion provided at the end of the course Michigan National Guard Applicants are responsible for ing the STAP Office an unofficial transcript including GPA, hours completed and final fee statement within 45 calendar days after the end of the course/term to verify passing grades and initiate payment. Documents should be sent to State Operations at Payments will be disbursed to the soldier/airman within 10 business days after the transcript and final fee statement has been received 6 6

7 FTA v. STAP (STAP fills the gaps)
Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) State Tuition Assistance (STAP) Up to $250/credit hour Up to 16 credit hours Does not pay any fees Up-front payment to school Recoups money for grades less than: “C” for undergraduate courses “B” for graduate courses Eligibility: New soldiers: 1 year after AIT or BOLC Masters’ students: 10 years time in service Lifetime cap: 130 undergraduate hours 39 graduate hours Service Obligation Officers incur 4-year service obligation Up to $250/credit hour Up to $4,500 Applied after FTA Pays course related fees Reimbursement to student Reimburses for grades: “C” for undergraduate courses “C” for graduate courses Eligibility: Upon enlistment Lifetime cap: 144 undergraduate hours 42 graduate hours Service Obligation: No additional service obligation incurred, however must have contracted for a 6 year obligation at least once in their career Michigan had a State Education Reimbursement Program (SERP) in effect until At that time, SERP paid 50% of whatever FTA didn’t cover, up to $1,500. Since 2009, Michigan provided no Tuition Assistance for the National Guard.

8 Question Answer How do I apply? When are applications due?
$250 per semester hour $167 per quarter hour $16.66 per clock hour $4,500 per fiscal year How much does MING-STAP pay? How do I apply? Go to Complete Statement of Understanding (SOU), Application and W-9 documents to No more than 60 days prior to class start date No later than 14 days after class start date When are applications due? Can MING-STAP be used to pay for books? No Associate, Bachelors, Masters or First Professional degree and certificates What degrees and skill training may I earn using MING-STAP? Up to 144 credits for an Undergraduate degree. Up to 42 credits for a Graduate degree How many credits will MING-STAP pay for? Can I use MING-STAP for a second degree? No, Soldiers pursuing a lateral or lower degree are not eligible for MING-STAP

9 Website:
Questions ?? Website: For additional information please see our Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) .pdf

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