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Your Education Field Experience Setting Up your Field Placement.

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1 Your Education Field Experience Setting Up your Field Placement

2 Why Must I Do a Field Observation ? Mandated by Board of Regents for all Teacher Education courses. Introduces students to the realities of teaching as a profession. Helps students observe and apply course concepts to real classroom environments. Contributes to the over 300 field hours required to become a certified teacher.

3 How Many Field Hours Must I Do? EDUC 2110 15 hrs EDUC 2120 15 hrs EDUC 2130 0-5 hrs Public School Focus Service-Learning Focus Case study/Observation Focus New Field Hour Course Requirements

4 GPC Office of Education and Field Experience This college-wide office (aka Field Office) is here to assist you with setting up your field placement(s). Located on the Decatur Campus, Rm. SC1110 (across from the Gym) Dr. Rhonda Wilkins, Field Director Mrs. Johnetta Hawkins, Records Coordinator What we do: Set up field placement sites and opportunities Maintain relationships with school districts Clear students for field placement Send placement requests to school district personnel Maintain records of student field hours Manage the iCollege Field website Counsel and advise students on field placement issues “YOU CAN DO IT! WE CAN HELP”

5 The 3 Step Field Placement Process

6 Setting up Your Field Placement  It is primarily your responsibility to manage your field observation.  Your course instructor and the Field Office will support you in this process.  We have set up an easy process that can be managed completely online.  The following slides will explain this process.

7 The iCollege Field Site Each registered student will have access to a special iCollege website where you can conduct all field experience business. On this site you can; Submit GAE/PAGE membership confirmations as proof of insurance Send mail to the Field office Download all required forms and information Submit placement requests for school systems Submit signed Self-Placement Permission Forms (scanner required) Submit signed Hours Verification Form (scanner required) View the status of your placement requests and document posting

8 Using the iCollege Field Experience Site Login to iCollege and select Field Experience FEXP 1001

9 Start Here: The first folder you will see You will first be instructed to –Read the Field Placement Policy and Procedures document –Acknowledge that you read and understood it –Answer a few questions about your placement needs –Click Submit

10 The iCollege Field Site: START HERE This will allow you access to Step 1

11 STEP 1: Criminal Background Checks and Liability Insurance Before you can be cleared for placement you must have: Liability Insurance Join a professional association such as GAE or PAGE $7.00 for one year (PAGE) $18.00 for one year (GAE) Criminal Background Check(CBC) can be obtained FREE through GPC (preferred) Local police department (costs range from $15-25.00) CBC is good for 3 semesters (1 year) Note: Some school districts will only accept a CBC processed by them. See the individual district folders in Step 2 for specific requirements.

12 STEP 1: Criminal Background Checks and Liability Insurance (cont.) Why? Working with children is serious business. Most schools and districts require CBCs for anyone having planned access to children. Liability Insurance protects you should anything happen to a child while you are present. $1,000,000.00 is provided as part of your GAE/PAGE membership

13 Step 1: CBC and PAGE/GAE Click here for links to GAE/PAGE and the procedures for obtaining your criminal history check After you complete STEP 1 you will have access to the entire field site.

14 The iCollege Field Site: Full Access

15 Step 2: Placement Sites Students are primarily responsible for selecting a field experience site. Placement sites will be divided by course. 2110 will have folders for each district with specific directions for placement. An approved self-placement list of schools will also be available. 2120 will have sign-ups for volunteer/and service learning opportunities, afterschool and Saturday programs, (links to Hands On Atlanta, Special Olympics, etc.) 2130 will refer the student to their course instructor for the Case Study assignment (Fall 2012 only) It is very important that you know the school system of the school you select or if it is a private school. Each school system has their own procedures.

16 STEP 2: Selecting your field site EDUC 2110 Type of PlacementProcess Request placement at specific school districts Submit request to the district through the Field Office Wait for approval by district Begin after approval Self-place in schools or districts that allow this practice Select a school that allows self- placement from Self Placement List Have them sign Self-Placement Permission Form before you begin Volunteer/Field Trip Placement Sign up Specific sign up instructions will be made available through the iCollege site The school or site you select will determine the placement process you will follow.


18 STEP 2: iCollege Field Experience Site Here is a sample of one of the school system folders. You can complete the form online and submit it here.

19 Step 2: The Placement Request Cycle The typical placement request must go through a series of steps before it is approved. Understanding this cycle can help you gauge how long the placement process will take. Student completes request form and submits through iCollege. Field office reviews form and sends to District office. “Sent” is noted in My Grades. District office reviews form and contacts the principal of the requested school. Principal approves or denies placement and notifies District office. District office notifies the Field office of approval. “Approved” is noted in My Grades. You may now begin your field experience!

20 Reviewing your Status in My Grades Click My Grades to see what documents have been posted and the status of your placement requests.

21 STEP 2: Selecting your field site EDUC 2110 When selecting your field site please keep the following in mind: You may not do your observation with relatives or in a classroom setting where you are employed, volunteering, or where your child is present. If you select a school where you work, it must be in a teacher’s classroom other than your own. There should ALWAYS be a teacher or designated adult present when you are in the classroom with students. School systems are very busy places and can take weeks to handle the many requests for placements. Be patient and flexible with the process if you make a request.

22 STEP 3: Verifying Your Field Hours Each time you visit the field site, note the time you arrived and left on the Hours Verification Form and have the supervising teacher sign it. Remember you must complete 15 hours for both 2110 and 2120. You must submit a completed Hours Verification Form to get credit for your field experience. No Form-No Credit. You’re Done!

23 STEP 3: iCollege Field Experience Site Here you will find a copy of the Hours Verification Form and the links for submission.

24 How you can Help US Help YOU! Use the iCollege Field site to submit documents whenever possible. This helps us keep better track of your documents than with fax or mail. Read the Frequently Asked Questions before sending an email through iCollege. Send mail related to field experience only through iCollege, otherwise it may get lost. Make sure you follow the placement procedures for each school district. Do not attempt to self-place in school systems that don’t allow this practice. Do not contact the school districts directly that require a request form. Allow at least 4-5 weeks for placements in large school systems like DeKalb, Gwinnett and Fulton. Remember you are laying the foundation for becoming a future educator. Make sure you represent yourself and GPC in a favorable light.

25 Contact Info Office of Education and Field Experience Programs SC1110 and SC1133, Decatur Campus 678-891-2580 Main Office # 678-891-2804 Field Office

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