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Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Experience The Difference” All Saints Football “ Experience The Difference”

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1 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Experience The Difference” All Saints Football “ Experience The Difference”

2 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Many Football Programs Like To Tell You All About Themselves… …We Prefer To Let The Families Who Have Been In Our Program Tell You What They Think

3 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort You guys have done a terrific job with all of the kids and should be congratulated for a great season. As a youth sports coach for many years, I recognize the hard work and dedication you guys have put into building this team. You guys have "set the bar" for success at a very high level. What Parents Are Saying….

4 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Our sons have both benefited form your coaching and mentoring. We see the results in how, after every practice, they shake each one of their coach's hands and thank them. We see the results in the way our boys look adults in the eye to say hello...and thank each of their family members for coming to watch them play. We always say, the lessons they learned playing All Saints Football, where the inclusion of their faith with sport is encouraged, are immeasurable and lasting. What Parents Are Saying….

5 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Thank you for all that you have done for my son and my family. You are making a difference in people's lives that you don't even understand, and you lead amazingly by example. What Parents Are Saying….

6 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort We are on our 8th year with All Saints Football. We strive to surround our boys with great mentors that will help them grow into great men. For that reason...we would never consider any other program than All Saints Football. Thank you for all that you do. We are grateful. What Parents Are Saying….

7 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort We sure wish we had put our son in the All Saints program years ago! The focus around team first and earning your spots through effort and responsibility are a great lead in for these boys as they head to high-school. What Parents Are Saying….

8 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort I cannot thank you and your team of coaches enough for everything… son’s self-esteem was almost non- existent prior to coming into your football program. He had a lot of bad coaches and other bad experiences. His 2 years playing for you have truly been a blessing. THANK YOU!!!! What Parents Are Saying….

9 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Even though our son has been playing football for 5 seasons, this year by far was the most rewarding. I know he learned so much. The program goes far beyond X’s and O’s. As a parent, I was continually impressed not only with your coaching but also with the individual interest you took in each player. I know I speak for my entire family in thanking you for your dedication, your direction, your teaching, your perspective and your leadership. What Parents Are Saying….

10 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort I want to thank you so much for coaching our son. You have shown him the importance of hard work and effort. I realize how difficult it is to create a balance between being tough but positive. Thank you so much again for your time and what you have done for our son. With Gratitude. What Parents Are Saying….

11 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort I cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you and all of the coaches for helping to make our son a better football player and a better person these last few years. What Parents Are Saying….

12 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort My wife and I have spoken many times on how glad we were that our son joined the All Saints program. God bless and the best to you and your family in the future. What Parents Are Saying….

13 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Thank you very much for a great season. Our son learned not only fundamental skills but also how to enjoy the game of football and have fun. I see a confidence and enthusiasm in him that he did not have before. You guys have made a big difference and impact on him! What Parents Are Saying….

14 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort This was by far the best year of football our son has ever had. We are eternally grateful for all the coaches have done. What Parents Are Saying….

15 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort I just wanted to send a quick note and really thank you and the other coaches for orchestrating a great program again this year. My son was on a real high last night and it made me really realize how much fun he is having, how much he is learning about the game and how hard he wants to work for you and the other coaches. Your dedication and time commitment is appreciated and I know that the boys will all look back on their All Saints experience as nothing but awesome.......just look at the number of young men that came back for Homecoming this weekend, that speaks for itself. What Parents Are Saying….

16 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Thanks once again for your caring and being positive role model to my son. The All Saints Football Program is respected and better because of you and all your coaches. What Parents Are Saying….

17 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Thanks again for being a tremendous coach and role model for the boys this season. Our son has truly enjoyed his All Saints experience. What Parents Are Saying….

18 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort I appreciate the level of confidence you helped instill in my son so he would enjoy the game but more importantly the positive example you set. Thank you for all that you have done. You have made a positive difference in many young men's lives. What Parents Are Saying….

19 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort I told my son that one day will truly appreciate how important it is to not be a win the most games Coach, but rather a great Coach for life as a player and a Catholic Man!! You're during an awesome job and creating an incredible legacy one player at a time! What Parents Are Saying….

20 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort The All Saints football program was one of the best things that ever happened to our son. It gave him a lot of confidence and taught him a lot about respect both on and off the field. Not to mention how much he learned about football!!!. What Parents Are Saying….

21 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Being football parents these days you feel like you have to defend yourself for allowing your son to play. You make it easy for us because we can honestly say that there are so many more advantages than disadvantages to playing for All Saints. What Parents Are Saying….

22 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Several weeks ago you had some very nice things to say about our son. I would like to thank you for motivating him to improve every week. We have seen a big difference in him this year, not just on the field but at home, in the classroom and with his friends. Your coaching philosophy has left a lasting impression on him, regardless of record that is pure success to us. Our deepest thanks to you and your staff. What Parents Are Saying….

23 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort We are so happy that we came to All Saints 4 years ago. What was most important for us was finding a system that emphasized the non-football attributes that can be accomplished as much as the football aspects. Thank you for teaching our son that football comes second to respect, discipline, team and sportsmanship. He is a better young man for his time with your program. What Parents Are Saying….

24 Unity, Discipline, Maximum Effort Learn More About All Saints Football… Frank Ribaudo Email: Phone: (630) 853-5397 Or visit our website

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