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The Responsibilities of Coaching Scott Rosberg 406-223-2327 Park High Coach with

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1 The Responsibilities of Coaching Scott Rosberg 406-223-2327 Park High Coach with Proactive

2 The Responsibilities of Coaching Responsibility – ability to be reliable, dependable Taking care of what needs to be taken care of Kids’ Responsibilities – Easy for us as coaches to talk about the responsibilities that our kids must live up to. Coach’s Responsibilities – We must look in the mirror and do a self-check on our own responsibilities and how well we live up to them.

3 Various Responsibilities of Coaches Coaches need to be responsible: for their own actions for their own actions to their players to their players to their players’ parents to their players’ parents to their staff of coaches to their staff of coaches to the other coaches in the athletic program to the other coaches in the athletic program to their administrations to their administrations to the school/league community to the school/league community to their families to their families to their standards to their standards to the profession of coaching to the profession of coaching

4 Responsibility for One’s Own Actions Actions are far more important than words. Punctuality Punctuality Preparation Preparation Poise Poise Respect Respect Work Ethic Work Ethic Team-first Attitude Team-first Attitude Sportsmanship Sportsmanship Living the Team Standards Living the Team Standards

5 Responsibility to Your Players We owe it to our kids to be responsible for our actions. Role Models – live your life the way you want them to live theirs. Must strive to do OUR best so that they will strive to do THEIR best. (effort, accountability, unselfishness) Work to provide kids the best opportunity to have a positive athletic experience.

6 Responsibility to Your Players Take each element of the experience seriously (but don’t take yourselves so seriously). Balance the seriousness with FUN – (it’s the reason they play) Preparation – extremely important Specifics - X’s & O’s, technique/strategy General – behavior, attitude, effort, team, standards Be a Teacher-Coach (Character Counts article on John Wooden) Level of Play – Youth, MS, HS, “C”, JV, V Owe it to them to push them to their best – improvement.

7 Responsibility to the Players’ Parents Often overlooked by coaches Biggest responsibility is safety of the kids – facility, equipment, techniques, predators. Treat their kids with respect. Do not abuse the role you have been given as a coach. No belittling, demeaning, embarrassing, hurting. Communicate with them. Pre-Season Parent/Athlete Meeting, Policy Sheet, etc. Listen to their concerns/questions – open line of communication.

8 Responsibility to Other Coaches Your Staff Head Coach to Assistant & Assistant Coach to Head Be a “Team-Player” – for the good of the team. Other Coaches in the Athletic Program You are part of the entire “team” of coaches. Be a good teammate to all of them. Your actions/decisions affect the other teams & programs. Help them learn, develop, and grow. Be a student of the game and of coaching in general. Find/Be a “Mentor Coach.” Watch, ask, listen, absorb all that you can.

9 Responsibility to Your Administration Another overlooked group Follow the Rules/Guidelines/Standards Perform the job expected of you to the best of your abilities. Keep administration “in the loop.” (No blind-sides) Be a positive leader. You’re in the spotlight – SHINE! Speak to other organizations, get involved in the community, go to other school events, etc.

10 Responsibility to School/Community Live up to the name “Coach.” Appropriate/Inappropriate comments & actions BB vs. Wrestling Scenario Represent your team and your community well. Sr. citizen homes, grade schools, clean-up days, etc. Talk to players about behavior in school/community. Perception of one becomes the reality for all. Sport programs are often THE identity of a community. Not only about winning either – DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!

11 Responsibility to Your Own Family Your core team for life – keep them involved. Unmarried Married, no children Married with children When the season is over, make sure loved ones come first (and second and third!).

12 Responsibility to Team Standards Teach, Model and Emphasize good character for your team to live by. Live by those character elements yourself. Establish Team Standards Policy Sheet Philosophy Core Covenants (Bruce Brown) GoalsExpectations Discipline – Be disciplined and instill discipline Hold yourself and your kids accountable to team standards and expectations. You lose your team’s trust when you don’t.

13 Responsibility to the Profession We all impact the profession of coaching by how we handle ourselves and our teams. Youth middle school high school Instill good character traits and habits, so the rest of the profession deals with kids who already have positives instilled. Unfortunately, the opposite of the above happens all too often. (BB situation & Aussie Rules FB Player) SportsmanshipBlowouts

14 Blowouts No cut & dried rule, but coaches MUST do something about it. Justification – “Opponent needs to get better.” Nothing good comes out of major blowouts. What is a blowout in your sport? Have a plan - prepare your team for blowouts. Great teaching moments on sportsmanship

15 Your Legacy Develop young people, not just athletes and victories. “How will I be remembered by my players, their parents, the fans, and the community?” You have complete control over the answer.

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