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Jefferson J-Hawks Vision, Purpose, and Mission Created for the Community of Jefferson J-Hawks.

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1 Jefferson J-Hawks Vision, Purpose, and Mission Created for the Community of Jefferson J-Hawks


3 J-Hawk Football BUILT FOR OTHERS

4 Our Vision The Jefferson J-Hawk football program will be recognized state wide as a team that plays with great purpose, effort, and sportsmanship.

5 Our Purpose The relentless pursuit of excellence in high school football.

6 Our Mission Statement Jefferson High School football will develop great high school football players through: Development of life skills including integrity, honesty, and fair play. Developing and building confidence, self-esteem, and a feeling of importance of every individual. Creating both mentally and physically tough players. To understand what adversity is and how to overcome it.

7 Our Program Philosophy Be more fundamentally sound than opposing teams. Be able to out execute opposing teams in all three phases of the game. Stress TURNOVERS. Have consistent attendance at all weight room sessions and practices.

8 Our Program Philosophy cont. Be unselfish. (Built for Others) Display program enthusiasm. Be models of good conduct on and off the field. To display greater team and individual effort than opposing teams. To play with great sportsmanship, leadership, and integrity including coaches. Develop players into smart football players. Smart football players play faster.

9 Offensive Standards of Success Control game clock. Limit turnovers. Stress great blocking. From the kickers to the water boys. Everyone will learn how to block. Execute fundamentals. Play with great effort every play.

10 Defensive Standards of Success PURSUIT-Tackling TURNOVERS Limit the big play – Bend but dont break. Control short yardage situations. Play with great effort and tenacity. Play FAST!

11 Special Teams Standards of Success Games are won and lost in special teams. Limit the big return on punt and kick return. Know and be able to execute special teams situations. Develop great specialists. Great pursuit and aggression.

12 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING GOALS Injury Prevention Football is a contact sport that involves the risk for injury. The primary goal of our strength program is to decrease the risk for injury and allow the athletes to display their talents on the field.

13 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING GOALS Increase athletic potential as a high school football player Strength training will not magically improve football specific skills. But the goal of the program is to increase team power, explosiveness, and speed through the function of raw muscular strength.

14 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING GOALS Increase self-confidence and mental toughness The cornerstone of our strength and conditioning PHILOSOPHY is intensity. This creates a workout that is physically and mentally challenging. Teams that can remain mentally tough when challenges arise come out on top.

15 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING GOALS Improve team attitude, work ethic, and pride We hope to improve on these components all through the off-season to improve our on- the-field effectiveness during the season.

16 STRENGTH & CONDITIONING GOALS Strength & Conditioning Cornerstones Safety Overload principle Progression principle Efficiency

17 How we plan to get there….

18 Young People First Winning Second

19 Action Plan - Academics Academics shall and will be made a priority. This will be evident. Study table for those you need it. Communication, emails from staff on struggling students. Continually monitor progress. – Parents you aid greatly in this process!

20 Action Plan - Personal Winning is a by-product of moral, academic, spiritual, and personal development. Coaches job is to put players in the best position to succeed. Teach life skills including mannerisms, courtesy, fair play, playing hard, and other life skills. Players will hold other players accountable for all actions.

21 Action Plan – Team Development Players set goals that are important to them. Do the little things right. Teamwork. Keep football in perspective: Faith, Family, and School. NO ONE will be treated differently. Plays will be mentally and physically conditioned to play fast through a demanding strength and conditioning and proper nutrition.

22 What You Can Expect From Me To be accountable for all actions. To deal with all situations with honor and integrity. To run a well organized program so that we will be able to function efficiently and effectively. To maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to work. To work and provide leadership tools to be successful in life.

23 What You Can Expect From Me To treat players like men with dignity and respect. To sell the program to the players, the community and other coaches. To get the J-Hawk family to believe in our core beliefs, philosophies, goals, and purpose.

24 My Expectations of Players Consistent attendance during all practices, meetings and weightroom sessions. 85% Weightroom attendance expectation this summer. To be on-time for all lifting sessions, practices, and meetings.

25 My Expectations of Players Full effort during all practices and weight sessions. Ability to be coached and listen to instructions from coaches. We are here to make this program better. To refrain from drinking, drugs, or other behaviors that will be deemed to be detrimental to the program.

26 J-Hawk Football Core Values The J-Hawk Football program is about three things…hard work, discipline, and toughness (mental and physical). Our success will arise from these principles. When your child has finished his career here at Jefferson High School, he will know what these principles mean in life.

27 J-Hawk Football Core Values There is no entitlement in this program…There is no I deserve this… The only thing our players and team deserve is what they earn. Thats real-life.

28 Facts About Faith in People Most people dont have faith in themselves. Most people dont have someone who has faith in them. Most people can tell when someone has faith in them. Most people will do anything to live up to your faith in them.

29 There are only two options regarding commitment; you're either in or you're out. There's no such thing as life in-between. Pat Riley


31 J-Hawk Football BUILT FOR OTHERS


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