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21 st Century Project RFP SCO-22191058 Bidders Conference March 19, 2009.

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1 21 st Century Project RFP SCO Bidders Conference March 19, 2009

2 2 Briefing Topics Housekeeping Welcome and Introductions Opening Remarks Procurement Overview Procurement Goals / Process Procurement Timeline Stage I – Key Components Stage II– Key Components Stage II Contract Questions and Answers – Procurement Overview System Demonstration Procurement Library Overview Closing Remarks Key Action Dates – Stage I

3 3 Welcome and Introductions Kayla Dann, DGS Procurement Official 707 Third Street, 2nd Floor (North) West Sacramento, CA Phone: (916) FAX: (916) DVBE Protests

4 4 Welcome and Introductions 21 st Century Project Leadership Team NameSCO TitleProject Role Jim LombardChief Administrative OfficerProject Sponsor Dave DawsonChief Information OfficerProject Director Don ScheppmannChief Personnel/Payroll Services DivisionProject Executive Cheryl Hotaling21 st Century, Project ManagerProject Manager Susan Bolin21 st Century, ManagerProject Planning Office Natalie Clohossey21 st Century, ManagerOrganizational Change Management Dennis Duarte21 st Century, ChiefBusiness Operations Russ Nichols21 st Century, ChiefTechnical Operations Andrew Koenigsberg21 st Century, ConsultantProject Advisor Lowell Magee21 st Century, ConsultantProject Advisor

5 5 Opening Remarks Jim Lombard SCO Chief Administrative Officer, Project Sponsor

6 6 Procurement Goals and Process Cheryl Hotaling, 21st Century Project Manager Procurement Goals The procurement process is designed to balance the following goals: Encourage competition Ensure clarity of scope of services/solution to be provided Expedite procurement to retain the value of existing project artifacts Allow Bidders the option to leverage existing project artifacts (documentation, configuration, developed enhancements) as accelerators to reduce cost and time to implement Procurement Conducted Under Public Contract Code 6611 PCC 6611: Provides, in part, that the Department of General Services may use a negotiation process if the department finds that the business need or type of solution can be further defined as a result of a negotiation process or that negotiation is necessary to ensure that the department is receiving the best value. Two- Stage Competitive Procurement Stage I – Award contracts to the 2 highest scoring bidders to perform assessment/critical design validation Stage II – Award a single contract to complete MyCalPAYS to one of the Stage I contractors

7 7 Procurement Timeline

8 8 Procurement Overview – Stage I Stage I selection criteria based on: SAP certification (Pass/Fail) Financial Capacity/Responsibility (Pass/Fail) Corporate References (Scored) Key Staff Proposed (Scored) Stage I will allow selected Contractors to assess work to date and engage in confidential discussions with the State prior to Stage II proposal Contracts will be for actual costs, to a maximum of $500K each Contract deliverables will include: 1.Cost/Benefit Assessment 2.Critical Design Evaluations 3.Stage II Proposal for Completing MyCalPAYS Contract terms and conditions will not be negotiated for the Stage I contract period

9 9 Procurement Overview – Stage II Contract will be fixed-price, deliverables based Single envelope method (administration, functional, technical and cost) Best and Final Offer negotiation process included Functional and Technical Requirements750 Executive SummaryPass/Fail Project Scope150 Proposed Approaches, Process and Procedures350 Functional Design Changes100 Technical RequirementsPass/Fail Project ConstraintsPass/Fail Agreement to Scope of ServicesPass/Fail Project Plan150 Response to Supplemental Software ToolsPass/Fail Proposed Staffing750 Proposed Key Staff Experience400 Proposed Key Staffing with Prior Working Relationships50 Key Staffing Proposed in Stage II from Stage I contract50 Staff Loading Chart250 Cost1000 Stage II selection criteria based on:

10 10 Procurement Overview – Stage II Contract Stage II Contract – Negotiation Process Stage I Key Activity in Preparation for Stage II (Prior to Stage I Proposal Submission) Bidder to provide requested changes to standard contract terms and conditions to DGS Within 1 week, DGS to provide initial response to requested changes Stage I potential Bidders can decline to bid if initial response is unacceptable Stage II Procurement Activity DGS will negotiate specific language for requested changes to standard contract terms and conditions with Bidders selected in Stage I Approved changes will be made available to both Bidders Approved changes to be incorporated into Bidders Stage II final proposals Best and Final Offer (BAFO) The State may conduct negotiations after receipt and scoring of the final proposals to select the best value All components of the final proposal may be negotiated Bidder will submit written revisions to final proposal based on negotiations Revised proposals will be re-scored

11 11 Procurement Overview Questions and Answers

12 12 System Demonstration Demonstrator - Karen Roy, Functional Team Member MyCalPAYS live functional demonstration within our development client environment, simulating: Creation of a new State of California position A State of California new employee hiring action Functional module integration (OM and PA) Enterprise Structure and infogroup configurations

13 13 Procurement Library Overview The library is available at end of Bidders Conference to certified SAP Global Partners – Services Structure: 0. Read Me First! 1.MyCalPAYS Design 2.Functional 3.Technical 4.Testing 5.Org Change Mgmt 6.Project Management Office Content Overview Read Me First!, MyCalPAYS Design & Functional (Dennis Duarte) Technical & Testing (Russ Nichols) Org Change Management (Kathy James) Project Management Office (Cheryl Hotaling)

14 14 Closing Remarks Stage I – Key Action Dates ActionDate 1. Release Request for Proposal03/13/ Bidders Conference – 9:00 AM PDT 710 Riverpoint Court, Suite 150 West Sacramento, CA /19/ Last day to submit questions for clarification of RFP – Stage I03/20/ Bidders submit initial Stage II Contract Change Request03/23/ DGS responds to questions for clarification of RFP – Stage I03/26/ DGS submits initial response to Stage II Contract Change Requests 03/30/ Submission of Stage I Proposals (12:00 p.m. PDT)04/07/ Stage I Contracts Award and Execution04/20/2009

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