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2 AGENDA CHSRA Introductions SBA Welcome & Remarks SB/DBE/DVBE/Microbusiness Participation CHSRA Background Purpose of RFQ Scope of Work Evaluation & Negotiation Process SOQ Requirements and Content Questions and Answers Tentative Schedule Wrap-up 2

3 PROJECT & CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT (PCM) SERVICES Request for Qualifications HSR 11-20 Overview 3

4 4 Contract has a 30% SB Goal, includes 10% DBE and 3% DVBE participation within the 30% SB Goal Participation of Small Business, Disadvantaged Business, Disabled Veteran Business and Micro businesses, at any tier, will count towards the goal SB goal commitment and SB Performance Plan required with proposalRefer to SB Resources website for SB Program Plan and description of SB Performance Plan SB monthly monitoring and reporting for term of contract RFQ HSR11-20 Small Business Participation

5 5 The California High-Speed Rail Authority was established in 1996 by SB 1420 (Kopp and Costa) Statutes of 1996. The initial construction segment runs from approx. San Joaquin river south of Madera to north of Bakersfield. Includes 4 Design-Build Civil contracts and 1 Track contract. Management approach is to hire a professional services firm to be the on-site manager of the Design- Build contract. RFQ HSR11-20 Background

6 6 Construction package 1 – N of San Joaquin River to East American Way Construction package 2 – East American Way to Lansing Ave Construction package 3 – Lansing Ave to Perkins Ave Construction package 4 – Perkins Ave to north of Bakersfield Construction Packages 1-4

7 7 Identify and award a contract to the best qualified firm to provide Project and Construction Management (PCM) Services for the first DB Contract, CP-1. PCM to be co-located with the Design/Build team. PCM to be the Authoritys on-site management team to manage and oversee the DB Contract. Not typical CM services, but DB oversight. Contract Value Range approx. $25 – $50 million RFQ HSR11-20 Purpose of RFQ

8 8 Task 1 – Design Build Oversight Communications/Meetings/Record Keeping Verification, Validation, & Self Certification (incl. ICE & ISE) Quality Oversight Sustainability DB Cost & Payment Process Safety & Security NTPs & Prerequisites RFQ HSR11-20 Scope of Work (Range of potential activities)

9 9 RFQ HSR11-20 Scope of Work, contd Alternative Technical Concepts Value Engineering Proposals Environmental Compliance Hazardous Materials Interface Management Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety Right of Way Coordination Public Involvement Site Visits Other Contracts (SR-99)

10 10 RFQ HSR11-20 Scope of Work, contd Task 2 – Project Controls Integration with Authority MIS Document Control Monthly Compliance Status Reports Project Controls Services & Support Change Control Administration DB Cost Accounting Process Risk Assessment & Mitigation

11 11 RFQ HSR11-20 Scope of Work, contd Task 3 – Contract Management Support Procurement (proposal evaluation support) Contract Management Differing Site Conditions Claims and Disputes Labor & Subcontract Compliance & SB Reporting Insurance Contract Closeout Utility and RR Coordination

12 Submit Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Review and Scoring of SOQ (including compliance with Conflicts of Interest Policy) Oral Discussions with top three (min score 85) Scoring of Oral Discussions Final Selection Contract Negotiations Board Approval Contract Award 12 RFQ HSR11-20 Evaluation and Negotiation Process

13 Statement of Qualifications (min score 85) o Understanding Requirements – 20 pts o Organization & Management Plan – 20 pts o Small Business Participation – 10 pts o Key Personnel & Roles – 15 pts o DB Oversight Capabilities – 20 pts o Work Program & WBS – 15 pts o SOQ Transmittal Letter (signed) – Pass/Fail 13 RFQ HSR11-20 Evaluation Criteria

14 Evaluation of Discussions o SOQ Carry Over – 20 pts o Presentation – 20 pts o Project Manager Participation – 20 pts o Key Staff Participation – 20 pts o Understanding of Project – 20 pts 14 RFQ HSR11-20 Evaluation Criteria (cont.)

15 15 Submit original Statement of Qualifications (SOQ), six (6) copies, and electronic version (pdf format) in separate envelopes. Deliver via U.S. mail, courier or personally 40 pages (exclusive of resumes, forms & certs, references) Print double sided One page is a single side Forms A-C and Certs 1-10 must be signed & included RFQ HSR11-20 SOQ General Requirements

16 16 Table of Contents (nic 40 page count) Cover Letter Executive Summary (4-6 pages) Project Understanding (detailed discussion) Organization & Management Plan Work Program Narrative with WBS Deliverables Staffing Plan (time phased) Key Personnel & Subcontractors (incl. resumes) References RFQ HSR11-20 SOQ Contents

17 17 Questions and Answers (Official Responses will be posted on BidSync) RFQ HSR11-20

18 18 RFQ released – Oct 4 Pre-Bid Conference – Oct 15 Last date for questions – Oct 16 Statement of Qualifications Due – Nov 2 Interviews – Nov 13-14 Selection – Nov 15 Contract Start Date – (TBD) Contract End Date – (TBD) RFQ HSR11-20 Tentative Schedule

19 19 Statements of Qualifications Due November 2, 2012 4:00 p.m. Proposals delivered after due date and time will be rejected per Public Contract Code, Section 10344. RFQ HSR11-20

20 20 California High-Speed Rail Authority Elizabeth Stone 770 L Street, Suite 800 Sacramento, CA 95814 CONTACT INFORMATION

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