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1 GSA Federal Supply Service DOING BUSINESS WITH GSA

2 2 Federal Supply Service (FSS) Federal Technology Service (FTS) Public Buildings Service (PBS)


4 4 Who is Federal Supply Service? One of the three Service Organizations of GSA Source for virtually every commercial product or service a Federal agency may need Five Primary Business Line –Commercial Acquisition –Travel & Transportation –Vehicle Acquisition & Leasing Services –Personal Property Management –GSA Global Supply

5 5 Current Acquisition Statistics Business Volume In Excess Of $25 Billion More Than 9,000 Contractors Commercial Acquisition –More Than 4 Million Services & Products Vehicle Acquisition –Buy Over 58,000 Vehicles Annually GSA Global Supply –Over 7,000 Products

6 6 Types of Contracting Programs Stock Program –High Demand Products Stocked In Our Warehouses Special Order Program –Buy On Demand Products More Economical To Support Through Contractor Direct Deliveries Federal Supply Schedules Program –State-Of-The-Art, High-Quality Commercial Products & Services

7 7 Who is responsible for the acquisition? FSS Acquisition Centers –General Products Center –Hardware SuperStore Center –Information Technology Acquisition Center –Management Services Center –National Furniture Center –Office Supplies & Administrative Services Center –Services Acquisition Center –Automotive Division –Transportation & Property Management

8 8 How do I find opportunities? Under $25,000 –Advertised in local contact offices & local or regional newspapers Over $25,000 –Advertised on the FedBizOpps Web site Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week Allows vendors to register to receive e-mail notification of opportunities in their areas of interest

9 9 Synopsis/Award Search (Full Text, Active or Archived, Synopses or Awards, Solicitation or Award Number, Dates, Place of Performance, Zip Code, Set-Aside Code, Procurement Classification Code, Agency) Search by Agency, then by Office

10 10 Steps Taken When Awarding a Contract Step 1 - Acquisition Planning –Market Research –Electronic Notice Posted –Small Business Set-Aside Determination Made Step 2 - Solicitations/Offers –Electronic Solicitation Posted (Refreshed & Updated as Contract Terms & Conditions Change) –Offers can be submitted at any time –Contract period usually 5 year base, with three 5 year options

11 11 Steps Taken When Awarding a Contract Step 3 – Evaluation –Each offer evaluated on its own merit –If minor deficiencies exist, discussions held & opportunity to submit supplementary information –Responsibility determination made Past Performance Financial capability assessment Audit –Discount practices examined & evaluated Most favored customer identified

12 12 Steps Taken When Awarding a Contract Step 4 - Negotiations –Conducted & proposal revisions submitted –Upon conclusion, Contracting Officer will Reject unacceptable offers Determine if prices are fair & reasonable Negotiate most favored customer pricing Step 5 - Contract Award –Award made to acceptable offers considering price & other related factors

13 13 Steps Taken When Awarding a Contract Step 6 - Award Notification –Includes discounts, terms & conditions of the award Step 7 - Distribution of Award Information –Award information posted on Schedules e-Library –Contractors distribute GSA Schedule Price List/Catalog –Contractors prepare & submit information for posting on GSA Advantage!

14 14 Key Issues In Submitting An Offer Read the solicitation in its entirety –Make notes of questions/clarifications Contact individual indicated in solicitation for explanations –Complete all information in the solicitation & provide all requested information –Submit completed solicitation & requested information to address listed in the solicitation –Be ready to negotiate your best offer

15 15 Where can I go for assistance? Acquisition Center GSAs Office of Small Business Utilization Small Business Administration Local Procurement Technical Assistance Center FSS Web

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