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Teachers and LEAP in 2014-2015 Back to School August 2014.

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1 Teachers and LEAP in 2014-2015 Back to School August 2014

2 2014-15 LEAP Goals for Teachers ●Ensure teachers understand their growth and performance system ●Support teacher growth and performance ●Provide additional tools and resources for professional learning to support the continued growth of all teachers in 2014-15 ●Recognize and reward our great teachers

3 Our Goals Today: 1.Review LEAP system for 2014-15 2.Prepare presentations in small groups using the LEAP handbook 3.Present small group presentations to our whole staff

4 LEAP Components on 2014-15

5 LEAP Overall Rating in 2014-15 ●We will have four overall performance categories (not meeting, approaching, effective and distinguished) ●Each LEAP component will have a point value and those points will come together on the below rating continuum (based on Professional Practice measures only) ●Leaders will make a decision between categories when the point values fall close to two different categories (as per the shaded boxes below)

6 What’s New: 2014-15 ●Student Growth measures - not part of calculated overall rating (only for 2014-15), important to discuss during mid-year conversations ●New process for assigning peer observers o Novice teachers/teachers new to DPS o Teachers who did not have sufficient observation data in 2013- 14 to receive a Professional Practice rating ●Option to administer SPS online Additional details coming soon!

7 Jigsaw: LEAP Handbook ●Pass out the handout titled “LEAP Handbook Jigsaw Activity” ●Review the directions on the handout LEAP Handbook Jigsaw Activity ●Complete the activity (allowing 1-2 minutes for the next and final slide in this training)

8 Takeaways ●Visit to learn more about ●Ask your school leader “Who will be my supervisor this year?” o Sit down with that person for 15-30 minutes to review expectations, discuss professional learning options ●Read the Framework for Effective Teaching and Professionalism Framework ●Start to think about your professional goals for this school year so you can identify your PGP

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