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Fall Creek School District Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent.

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1 Fall Creek School District Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent

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3 Don’t walk away with this feeling…

4 Or feeling like you missed the boat…

5 Meeting with Elementary Staff Captured from

6 Handbook Conversations

7 In the beginning… Captured from Captured from Captured from Captured from

8 Integrated Growth

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13 Building it as we go… Captured from

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15 What is your A to B? Captured from

16 How did we do it? Captured from

17 From the crew…





22 Guiding Questions What does effective teaching look like? How do we quantify effective teaching? How do we reward high quality teachers? How do we accurately measure effective teaching?

23 Student Achievement Process Growth

24 Process Develop a Goal Reflective Baseline Action Plan Assessment

25 Growth Captured from Captured from Captured from

26 Student Achievement




30 DATE ACTIVITY August 22 Whole Group Introduction  Introduction with all staff members to the process of professional development in the district. Timelines, expectations, and documentation forms to be handed out at this time August 22-September 21 Peer Suggestion Meetings  The Professional Development/Evaluation Group will be available during the following times to meet with individual teachers to review their goal and make suggestions based on the criteria Reviewer Dates Angie Adams Dave Ross Val Herman Toby Jacobson Jessica White Matt Prissel September 21, 2012 ALL GOALS SUBMITTED TO SUPERINTENDENT October 2 Review Team Meeting  At this time the Professional Development/Evaluation Group will convene to review the goals presented. Identification of missing components to the goals will be noted. The Superintendent will notify staff members of missing components and allow time for restructure. October 12 FINAL SMART GOAL SUBMISSION TO SUPERINTENDENT February 1 Mid year Checkpoint (Professional Development Group Available) February 4-15 Goal Checkpoint with Administrator May 3 FINAL REVIEW SUBMISSION TO SUPERINTENDENT May 17 Final Decision of Merit Pay to staff

31 Multiple Layers to the Roll Out… Flipped Meeting Teacher Ownership Work Time Survey Feedback Little Hoop Jumping All Staff Meeting Resource Page Multiple Check ins Meeting with Team


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34 How is the process working? What evidence components have you secured What is the impact on colleagues, students, parents, and self Do you need to make any adjustments? Mid Year

35 Survey Data-Positive Survey Question (48 of 56 returned) Agree/Strongly Agree % Working through my professional growth plan has, in some ways, made me a more effective teacher 94% Working through my professional growth plan improved some aspect of my students' learning over the past year 94% In the coming years, I will continue using the strategies that I developed while working through my plan 98% My plan produced results that have benefitted (or could benefit) the FC School District beyond my own classroom. 92%

36 Survey Data-Need Improvement Survey Questions (48 of 56 returned)Agree/Strongly Agree While working through my plan, I had access to sufficient support from the administrators 61% When the professional growth model was first introduced to staff, the process and expectations were made very clear 62% The feedback I received from my administrator during the mid-year review was helpful in assessing my progress and charting further steps 63% The professional growth model encourages meaningful collaboration among the teaching staff 60%

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