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1 Performance Assessment Process: The Reviewer’s Perspective May 2014.

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1 1 Performance Assessment Process: The Reviewer’s Perspective May 2014

2 What is Performance Assessment? Ongoing process of communication between managers and their staff Involves a proactive planning component Ongoing feedback and coaching during the year Involves an annual end of year performance discussion meeting

3 Why should we do Performance Assessment? Best practice among “Employers of Choice” Top organizations have effective performance assessment & feedback mechanisms Focus employees on results & what’s important to the organization Integrates divisional objectives with the individual’s Identifies barriers before they impact performance Clarifies expectations on both sides Identifies learning opportunities

4 Why should we do Performance Assessment? (cont.) Employees want feedback on how they are doing: [I would like] A process which allows staff members to be given feedback about their work. Not the job well done speech or general announcements but individual privately given feedback. [Previously] I welcomed my performance review as it gave both myself and my manager an opportunity to reflect and highlight work well done….It also provided the opportunity to talk about the upcoming year and my professional development. Staff member – U of T Employee Experience Survey 2006

5 How to do it well? Ability to differentiate performance Willingness to acknowledge that some employees perform their jobs well, some exceptionally and some unacceptably Assessing performance relative to peers Commitment and involvement from Senior Leadership – sets the tone Appropriate and meaningful measures Consistent and equitable application Defining levels of performance Divisional Reviews

6 Getting Value Out of PA Meeting Can strengthen employee/manager relations Opportunity to pass on lessons learned Improves communication and identifies concrete goals and objectives Ties individual objectives to division/departmental objectives which increases employee engagement

7 Staff Member’s Role Actively participate in the process of confirming and/or setting goals/objectives Provide the Reviewer with an Activity Report outlining progress on previously agreed to goals/objectives Provide appropriate contacts for additional feedback Come prepared to the review meeting

8 Reviewer’s Ro le Create a motivating and supportive climate Initiate the goals setting process and confirm on agreed to goals/objectives Observe performance Give & seek feedback Guide developmental activities Conduct a performance discussion

9 Performance Assessment Tool Professional/Managerial and Confidential Staff - complete the report using a new online performance assessment tool – Halogen’s eAppraisal software HR & Equity Website: {confirm the link}

10 The Process Part A: Activity Report – Employee Completes Key Accomplishments Other Accomplishments – Unplanned Professional Development Undertaken Personally Professional Development of Employees Supervised (where applicable) Service to Profession (for PM Staff) Service to the University of Toronto

11 Part A: Activity Report (cont.) What if Goals Weren’t Set Last Year? Discuss with the EE the key things to include in their report Get them to outline what they did do Make sure to set goals for next year

12 Part B: Values and Competencies Summary – Reviewer Completes Review mandatory core values and identify whether the employee ‘meets expectations’ or ‘does not meet expectations’ Review the competencies that were identified as relevant to role/individual and if any were given more weight Review detailed definitions provided in the Competencies Worksheet (for P/M and Confidential staff correspondingly) Indicate the performance rating of each relevant competencies Provide suggestions for development activities with the help of the Competency Development Guide (for P/M and Confidential staff correspondingly

13 Part B: Values and Competencies Summary – Reviewer Completes (cont.) Provide comments to support a ratings with respect to core values and applicable competencies Provide comments specific to accomplishments including comments with respect to any additional feedback from others obtained as part of the process Provide overall comments specific to job performance that supports the overall performance rating score. Please note this information, will be used by the Divisional Review Discuss your ratings with your Manager prior to submitting

14 Performance Categories 5 & 4.5 = Exceptional Performance 4 = Excellent Performance 3 & 3.5 = High Quality Performance 2 & 2.5 = Partially Achieving Performance Expectations 1 = Unsatisfactory Performance

15 Sign off the online form Employee’s are to provide final comments on their assessments And provide their online sign off

16 The Performance Discussion LEADER COACH COMMUNICATOR Observe performance Guide development Give feedback Document performance Create motivating climate

17 Conducting the Discussion Tips: Schedule the meeting in a private space Prepare for the performance assessment meeting in advance Ensure that you have concrete examples to provide your staff member Allot sufficient time for the discussion and if necessary schedule some follow up meetings Give people the recognition and constructive feedback they crave Use the Competencies Worksheet

18 Conducting the Discussion (cont.) Tips: Link your conversations to career development and learning opportunities Think about what rewards might be appropriate other than monetary awards, i.e. conferences Identify what employees do well – so that they can do more of it Focus less on the rating and more on the process

19 Planning for Next Review Period Aligns Individual efforts and the organization’s priorities Includes Objectives and special projects Professional Development plan Professional Development plan for any staff supervised. 19

20 Critical Dates June 23 – Staff member completes their Part A: Activity Report and submit it online to their Reviewer by June 23 August 11- Reviewer submits the completed performance assessment with a recommended overall rating to their Divisional HR Office by August 11 August 12 – September 5 – Divisional Reviews takes place. Approved ratings are communicated to the Reviewer By October 20– Reviewer conducts face to face performance assessment discussions and confirms all ratings with P/M and Confidential staff members By October 31 – P/M and Confidential staff completes Employee Summary Comments and Signs off on the eAppraisal assessment

21 Resources: Contact your Divisional HR Office if you have questions on the Performance Assessment process Visit the HR & Equity website for reference documents and additional information Use the Annual Performance Assessment Process – Reviewer Guideline Attend a drop in session on the Halogen tool


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