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East Lee County High School

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1 East Lee County High School
Welcome! East Lee County High School American Government Ms. Abbey

2 Class Syllabus East Lee County High School American Government
Ms. Abbey Textbook: Magruder’s American Government with Florida State and Local Government 2004, Prentice Hall ***You may also me at My WikiSpace!

3 Course Description The purpose of U.S. Government is to provide students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of the American government and political behavior. This course is required for Graduation.

4 Classroom Expectations
I expect every student to put his or her very best effort into this class and the assignments given. American Government may not be your favorite subject, but while in my classroom you will always maintain a positive and professional attitude towards learning. Every student must RESPECT the instructor, each other, and most importantly, themselves. Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated. I wish for students to feel they are in a safe environment and are comfortable asking questions and expressing ideas. Students are responsible for turning work in completed and on time. I will be looking for students to demonstrate pride in their work. It is important that students arrive to class on time ready to learn.

5 Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated.
Every student must RESPECT the instructor, each other, and most importantly, themselves. Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated.

6 Class Organization Class will begin with a short warm-up assignment related to the most recent topics reviewed in class. Students will be given 5 minutes to complete this assignment and are expected to remain quietly at their desks through the duration of this activity. The remainder of class will be a combination of discussions, cooperative group work, lectures, and periodic quizzes and tests. It is the student’s responsibility to keep an organized notebook with all of the materials that directly relate to World History. Notebooks will be collected and reviewed periodically throughout the year. Having an organized class notebook with consistent chapter notes will result in points being added to the participation portion of the student’s final grade.

7 Otherwise known as a “Bell Ringer” 3-5 Sentences
Warm-Up Assignment Otherwise known as a “Bell Ringer” 3-5 Sentences Needs to be completed in class , will be collected DAILY after the first 5 minutes of class This is a graded assignment!

8 Organization = Success!
Class Notebooks Organization = Success! Keep notes, handouts, and save your graded assignments Bring Daily- I will collect these at random and without warning Boost your participation points!

9 My thoughts on homework…
Homework serves no purpose if students do not complete it I don’t like “busy work”, I do like assignments that are creative, interesting, and thought-provoking

10 Attendance Attendance in this class is essential. 100% is desirable and expected. If a student does miss class, it is his or her responsibility to find out what was missed as soon as possible. If a student misses class on a day when an assignment is due, it is his or her responsibility to make arrangements for handing the assignment in on time. Extensions for assignments may be granted solely at the teacher’s discretion only if a request is made, in writing or by , 24 hours before the assignment is due. Please me at any time,

11 Grading All student work will be taken into consideration when determining student grades. The list below includes all aspects of this class you can expect to receive a grade in. Attendance/ Participation This includes your notebooks Assignments This includes Warm-up activities Quizzes Tests

12 Classroom Rules 1. RESPECT each other and yourself. I expect that students will respect one another’s ideas, questions, and concerns as well as their space and property. 2. Be on time! I cannot and will not accept constant tardiness and excessive absences. You cannot learn if you are not present. 3. Please come to class prepared to learn and begin your warm-up assignment as soon as you enter the room. I am aware that 3 minutes does not allow you much time to catch up with friends between classes; however, our time in class is also limited and we need to make the most of every minute.

13 Classroom Rules 4. Leaving the classroom during class requires a signature from the instructor in your school planner. It is the school’s policy and; therefore, a rule in this class, that students may not leave their classrooms during the first and/or last 10 minutes of class time. 5. Cheating will not be tolerated. If cheating is suspected by the instructor, all parties involved will be notified and are subject to a grade of 0% on the test, quiz, or assignment in question. 6. At the end of the period, please make sure that you have left the classroom the same way in which you found it. 7. It is important that all students observe the signal for attention and promptly end any discussions taking place.

14 Final Thought This year should be fun and exciting for every student. American Government is an amazing subject and it is important as U.S. Citizens to know the foundation and structure of our government. My primary objective is to help you succeed as a student. I encourage you to contact me often to discuss any questions or concerns you might have regarding this class. I will do my very best to be available to all of my students as much as possible. I look forward to the year ahead of us and… GO JAGUARS!

15 I collect retro Transformer toys I am a “Pescatarian”
2 Truths and a Lie I once ran across Maui I collect retro Transformer toys I am a “Pescatarian”

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